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FOTD 20: Flash 8 – Mobile Emulator

If you haven’t noticed a significant focus towards development on alternate phones/devices with Macromedia products lately, exactly how is the weather these days under your rock? ;-)
Seriously- Flash 8 includes a LOT of workflow improvements related to mobile development, and building on yesterday’s FOTD covering the Style Rendering Toolbar in Dreamweaver, proofing and debugging your mobile applications with Flash 8 will also get easier. Today I’m going to step through a Flash 8 mobile workflow to show you just how easy it’ll be to get into mobile development- once you get your hands on Studio 8, of course.

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FOTD 19: Dreamweaver 8 – Style Rendering Toolbar

On Monday I introduced you to the new Unified CSS panel, but that’s not the only CSS improvement included in Dreamweaver 8- today we’ll take a peek at how the Style Rendering Toolbar can help you proof your CSS-based designs between media types. Because you’ve already started supporting at least screen, print and handheld media types, right? ;-)

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