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Studio 8 Case Studies – Got Content?

Have you been using the Studio 8 products to create your online content? Got some interesting work to show? Not averse to being featured in a case study and getting tons of exposure? If your answers to the last three questions are a resounding “yes” (and you missed Mike’s post earlier this evening), the Studio product marketing folks are currently looking for some reference customers, and would be interested in checking out your work. Should you (or even someone you know) fit the bill, please drop a comment on this post with some details (or email me directly at sfegette AT macromedia DOT com) and I’ll be sure to pass your info along for consideration.

WA SiteAssist – off to see the Wizard!

Just checked out a slick new Dreamweaver extension from Macromedia extensibility experts WebAssist, called SiteAssist. If you need to build a site up very quickly – SiteAssist is a great wizard-based means to rapidly design, build out, and manage web sites in Dreamweaver. There’s a slew of pre-designed templates and color schemes to choose from, or you can update the resulting sites with Dreamweaver’s template engine and your own visuals for a more custom look/feel. Changing designs and information architecture is even a snap.

SiteAssist is a commercial extension ($149 USD), but the kind folks at WebAssist are offering $50 off for the next two weeks to anyone who wants to grab a new copy – just click here and you’ll pick up the discounted price. (For the record- I’ve no commercial interest here, the savings is yours alone!)

Very nicely done DW extension, for those times where you need a site up yesterday- and the clock is ticking fast. Check it out!

Darron Schall – Flash-based VNC

I’m admittedly late to the blogrush on this story, but mad props are due regardless. Darron Schall has apparently been working on a VNC client for Flash Player 8.5, which is currently blowing my mind. Essentially a remote desktop application, there have been many implementations of VNC clients in both native code and Java, but I’m really blown away at how cool apps like this will be for enterprise and even home automation applications. Binary socket connection to a TightVNC server, DES encryption, this is awesome stuff- and really starting to get me excited at the inevitability of more amazing apps and projects like this to come.


MAX Day 2 – Checking in

I’m currently in the Community Lounge at MAX 2005 doing the schmoozefest thing, after wrapping my second of two sessions on Flash video and Dreamweaver (thanks to everyone who attended for both the warm response and the great questions!). The show has been amazing so far- with attendance through the roof- last I heard we were around 3,000 attendees this year, well up from last year. Highlights for me so far have been the launch of Labs and the warm reception the Flex 2 public alpha on Labs is recieving, and (to be brutally honest) the opening keynote preso by Ze Frank and his amazingly strange but insanely cool Flash short-form pieces.

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Macromedia Labs is Live

Well, the cat’s out of the bag- the project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks is now live… Macromedia Labs. Featuring the public alpha of the Flex 2 product line, Macromedia Labs includes a wiki, source repository, and plenty of initial content to get you up to speed and running with the new bits, as quickly as possible.

Make sure to watch the video tutorials, particularly Sho Kuwamoto’s 15-minute Flex application video, which should drive home how easy it is to rapidly develop RIAs in Flex Builder 2. Mark Anders also provides overviews of creating a new project and compiling, and building a constraint-based layout in Flex Builder 2. But that’s just a highlight or two, there’s a boatload of information, tips and samples lurking within the nether regions of the Labs site and wiki to be discovered, and more on the way.

I wrote up a more official overview of Macromedia Labs for the Developer Center giving all the whys and what-fors, but I suspect you’ll get the most mileage out of downloading the new bits and trying them out for yourself. After all, that’s the point! So what are you waiting for? Get on with the downloading, and have some fun with the Flex 2 alpha.

Prince of Persia in Flash

Just caught this on, one of my old favorite side-scroller gams – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – has been recreated in Flash. Check it out- a fun diversion for your MAX Sunday!

Headed to Anaheim

I’m typing this perched in one the San Francisco airport’s coffee bars/wifi hotspots, awaiting boarding call for my flight to Orange County, and MAX 2005. Can’t wait to meet up with everyone at the conference this year! I’ll be giving a 1-hour presentation both Monday and Tuesday (IIRC) on Flash Video for Dreamweaver users – which should be a great session if you’ve been hesitating on getting video integrated into your websites. Keep posted, as I’ll likely publish some of the materials from my sessions up here after MAX for the interested.

That being said, the call just came so I’m off to board the plane and get to the show! If you’re going to MAX, make sure to tap me on the shoulder and say hi. See you soon…