Darron Schall – Flash-based VNC

I’m admittedly late to the blogrush on this story, but mad props are due regardless. Darron Schall has apparently been working on a VNC client for Flash Player 8.5, which is currently blowing my mind. Essentially a remote desktop application, there have been many implementations of VNC clients in both native code and Java, but I’m really blown away at how cool apps like this will be for enterprise and even home automation applications. Binary socket connection to a TightVNC server, DES encryption, this is awesome stuff- and really starting to get me excited at the inevitability of more amazing apps and projects like this to come.


3 Responses to Darron Schall – Flash-based VNC

  1. Oh cool, is this officially the first public Post-MAX2005 AS3 project out there?

  2. Yep- it’s the first I’ve seen since MAX, of course (with the exception of the ASReader app on the Labs wiki showcase area). I suspect there are many more waiting to be unearthed, though… ;-)

  3. Jh_Beale says:

    The sneak peeks session at MAX 2005 is where Macromedia show off new software and future updates. Among the things revealed: Flash 9 will allow you to code and compile AS3 and there will be code collapse in the actions :)