MAX Day 2 – Checking in

I’m currently in the Community Lounge at MAX 2005 doing the schmoozefest thing, after wrapping my second of two sessions on Flash video and Dreamweaver (thanks to everyone who attended for both the warm response and the great questions!). The show has been amazing so far- with attendance through the roof- last I heard we were around 3,000 attendees this year, well up from last year. Highlights for me so far have been the launch of Labs and the warm reception the Flex 2 public alpha on Labs is recieving, and (to be brutally honest) the opening keynote preso by Ze Frank and his amazingly strange but insanely cool Flash short-form pieces.

I’ve been spending the between-times both sitting in sessions (Colin Moock’s Actionscript 2 session was AWESOME), and talking with all the developers/Team Macromedia members/user group managers in the lounge about both Studio 8, and video in general. One thing that’s become very apparent to me after doing these Flash video sessions is that there’s a lot of folks who have wanted to get into the new video features in Studio 8, but just have either felt too daunted by it or simply haven’t gotten around to it yet. If that’s the case, drop a comment here so I can set you straight. ;-)Today’s keynote saw peeks into the new Sync SWF SDK for Breeze (if you’re a Flash developer, I can see a lot of jobs/contract positions opening up for applications around this functionality- check it out), In the MAX awards, the developer choice winner this year was an AWESOME Flash app built around the Wedding Crashers movie- where you can crash the trailer by adding your own face to the video. Check it out!Tonight there’s a visibility event at Disneyland in the new California Adventure area, so I expect there’ll be a lot more discussions and handshakes while busting up the rides, but for now I’m going to go sneak into another one of the mobile sessions (which have also been getting a LOT of play this year). Keep posted!

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  1. Oh yes, Disneyland California Adventure night was a major highlight for me. ;)P.S.> Romanians know how to shake it! :P

  2. Ya know, I wasn’t sure the cool little mini-mouse would work with my fat hands, but it’s getting more comfortable the more I use it! Disneyland was a serious highlight of MAX, no doubt- you have to watch out for those InterAKT guys, I’ve never partied harder than when the Romanians are in town… lolProps right back atcha, amigo! That was a seriously great conference, great to hang out and tip back (more than) a few with ya. :D

  3. Stephanie_B says:

    Such wonderful childhood memories I have of Disneyland! It seems like I know every nook and cranny of it! So, when I visited California Adventure in June, 2002, it was weird to see something completely new sprouted up where the old Disneyland parking lot was supposed to be. This big change in Disneyland took some adjusting!

  4. Indeed- the last time I visited Disneyland must have been right before the California Adventure sprouted up, as I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be there! Kinda missed riding the old faves like Space Mountain and the Matterhorn, but hey- those new rides were pretty fun too… ;)