WA SiteAssist – off to see the Wizard!

Just checked out a slick new Dreamweaver extension from Macromedia extensibility experts WebAssist, called SiteAssist. If you need to build a site up very quickly – SiteAssist is a great wizard-based means to rapidly design, build out, and manage web sites in Dreamweaver. There’s a slew of pre-designed templates and color schemes to choose from, or you can update the resulting sites with Dreamweaver’s template engine and your own visuals for a more custom look/feel. Changing designs and information architecture is even a snap.

SiteAssist is a commercial extension ($149 USD), but the kind folks at WebAssist are offering $50 off for the next two weeks to anyone who wants to grab a new copy – just click here and you’ll pick up the discounted price. (For the record- I’ve no commercial interest here, the savings is yours alone!)

Very nicely done DW extension, for those times where you need a site up yesterday- and the clock is ticking fast. Check it out!

4 Responses to WA SiteAssist – off to see the Wizard!

  1. Danilo was handing out coupons/copies at MAX and I wanted one but was shy to ask. 0:-)I really wonder if it’s extensible in that I can add my own master DW templates and pump a site out from those. I haven’t found sufficient info/FAQ on their site yet.

  2. I admittedly haven’t spent much time outside the UI with the SiteAssist extension yet, but it would seem the templates it uses are all SiteAssist-specific – i.e. the editable regions follow a consistent format/data model with their wizard interface- but could be modified (or new ones created) to add your own look/feel reasonably easily. I know the WA guys were saying that updated template libraries/visual styles would be a drop-in affair, so I’d assume customizing the existing templates (or creating your own) shouldn’t be too difficult. Next time I’ve got some spare play-around cycles I’ll check it out!

  3. Joe Lowery says:

    To answer’s Chris’ question, yes, in this release you can only use our templates for the initial build. However, we do output standard DW templates for your customization. Two quick cool things about SiteAssist: first, it builds all the navigation to the site and when you add new pages – or even new branches to a site – the navigation is updated globally. Second, you can actually take the settings file it generates, plop it in another SiteAssist-ready copy of DW and it will re-generate the entire site in one step. Had to share :-)

  4. Awesome- thanks for the clarification, Joe!(just diving back in myself..)