Flash – making the skies safer

Great story in the Sydney Morning Herald on Studio developer Richard Turner-Jones’ RIA project for his employer, Airservices AustraliaFlying Around- an interactive application developed and provided to help pilots down under get familiar with the incredibly busy airspace around Sydney, helping cut down the number of accidents and incidents for all. Built entirely in Flash, the application (and Richard) took home a MAX award from Anaheim this year, and is one amazing RIA. Check it out!

Also- if this piques your interest in how a project like this gets tackled, you may want to get into Richard’s session this coming March at the Sydney WebDU conference (the conference formerly known as MXDU)- he’ll be breaking down the Flying Around project, which should be a very interesting – if not eye-opening – presentation.

Congrats on all the attention lately, Richard! Well deserved, I say.

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