Gtalkr – Flash UI for Google Talk

Gtalkr appears to be a cool third-party Flash/browser-based front-end for the Google Talk instant messaging service, letting you get to your IM network and messages from any Flash-enabled browser, anywhere. I’ll admit I haven’t used it in extreme depth yet, but it looks really nicely done so far and covers all the Google Talk features I need. If you’ve been using Gtalkr as an IM client alternative, post a comment and let me know your thoughts!

The Gtalkr URL:
The Gtalkr weblog:
Om Malik reviews Gtalkr:

4 Responses to Gtalkr – Flash UI for Google Talk

  1. MKmultimedia says:

    I love how the IM conversation is from Big Lebowski! “I’m the Dude, or his dudeness, dudeeradamy”

  2. Isn’t that awesome? I love that movie… :)

  3. Linda says:

    Seems cool, but can you predict the future of the product, let’s say in 3-5 years time?

  4. It’s hard to predict the future of ANY product in 3-5 years time, honestly- web-based or not. In that respect, I think you have to make your own personal judgement call. That being said, if Gtalkr folds up in a year, my life won’t come to an end- but for now it seem to be very usable IM alternative indeed. ;-)