Kevin Lynch @ Spark Amsterdam – Live Webcast

Just got wind of this and wanted to pass it along- you can catch Kevin Lynch’s Thursday keynote at SPARK (, Europe’s premier Flash event in Amsterdam. I sure wish I could be in two places at once- but this sure helps!

The details:

When – Thursday, November 17th @ 7pm CET (Central European time)
Where (includes time zone info)
What – Live keynote broadcast by The SPARK REMIX party (right after) and other show sessions will be posted as well. is one of the biggest online concert archives in the world. During this event they’ll also be launching their new website using Flash 8 and Flash Media Server 2.

3 Responses to Kevin Lynch @ Spark Amsterdam – Live Webcast

  1. JabbyPanda says:

    OMG, rocks! Definately something to check for a music fan :)I miss Kevin’s keynote already after seeing him giving a keynote at MAX 2005 :)

  2. Ryan Stewart says:

    That’s 1:00 PM Eastern time, right?

  3. Yikes, not sure – particularly as I’m in Korea right now (I’ve always been horrible with on-the-spot currency/time conversion)… but you can always double-check the offsets here, IIRC: