MAX Greater China: Getting Started

The last day seems like a blur now- we left Korea yesterday morning quite early to get over to Hong Kong (the Kowloon side of the harbor), and I’m now sitting with Christian Cantrell and Flex kung-foo master Steven Webster in the MAX Greater China keynote session. MAX Korea was a fantastic conference, I was really blown away with the passion and enthusiasm of the local Korean developers- my only regret is that I only had 48 hours or so in the country before moving on to Hong Kong.

Now Hong Kong- wow, what a city. Although Seoul appeared to be very spread out with a lot of open space to be found, Hong Kong is (even to this San Francisco native) massive, with a truly daunting skyline. However, it was almost eerie how things fell in place once we checked into the hotel. Christian, being a watch afficionado, was really hoping to find a few stores that carried the Casio G-Shock watches- and not only did he find some G-Shocks, but an entire store devoted to G-Shocks right across the street from the hotel.

Now myself- I’m a video and iPod/PSP freak, and had been complaining about the lack of good sleeves/cases for my iPod video (with the larger display, I can fit most existing iPod cases – but without a full view of the screen). Whaddaya know- right next to the G-Shock store was an electronics outlet with not only some hot-off-the-production-line iPod video cases (we both picked one up), but one of the most coveted white PSPs.

We’re walking back into the hotel and jetlag was starting to take it’s effects- Christian noted that a snack would be great. And as soon as we rounded the corner- there was the hotel restaurant with a complementary table full of CRAZY COOL dessert foods.

As I was downing a slice of cheesecake while perusing G-Shock catalogs and playing with my new iPod case, I had the feeling that MAX Hong Kong was going to be a good one, given the luck we’d been having. Well- either that or I just ran out of luck and should be looking carefully before crossing the street.

So- that brings us back to today, where through my coffee-induced haze I’m now watching Tom Hale demo the Yahoo! Maps API on the main stage, and while scanning the audience and seeing all the faces and the excitement they’re conveying I can’t wait to get to my sessions (“Flash Video and Dreamweaver” today, and ‘Layout with the CSS Box Model’ tomorrow).

Yep- this is definitely gonna be a great show. Keep posted.

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  1. christine says:

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  2. Christine- I’ve answered this exact question several times both from you and others in prior comments here. Please refer back to them, and I’d strongly recommend both downloading and working through the examples in the Flash Lite CDK and reading through the content on the Flash Lite developer center to get started with mobile development in Flash.