MAX Hong Kong- It’s a wrap!

And what a great conference this one was, too. Fantastic sessions and speakers throughout, stellar after-hours entertainment, and one breathtaking skyline to take in while exploring the nether-regions of the city. I presented my CSS box model session today, and for a change actually talked slow enough for the interpreter to keep up (although for the most part, the audience didn’t require interpretation), and streamlined the slides enough to the point that I actually finished my session on time (if you’ve seen me demo live before, you know I have the habit of running long with lots of ‘oh yeah- did you know you can do this?’ moments)… ;-)

After the sessions closed down I did some quick shopping for family gifts, then met up with a bunch of the other presenters to board a big diesel boat and motor across Victoria Harbor to a wonderful seafood restaurant on Lamma island. Yet another amazing dinner of local cuisine- the food here has been impeccable throughout.

The boat ride back offered us all a spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline- with everyone up on the front of the prow with me shooting pictures like crazy from our unobstructed water-bound point of view. But alas, now it’s time for packing up for the flight back tomorrow.

My sincere thanks to the MM Hong Kong staff for putting on one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve been to in some time – Ida, Carol, Sunny and Mavis (among many, many others) kept everything fixed, figured, and running like clockwork. Kudos to all involved with planning and running the event and my regards to all the new developers I’ve met this time out- you can bet I’ll be back at MAX Greater China again next year if you’ll have me… ;-)

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