MAX Hong Kong – Day 2 kicks off

I’ll be speaking at MAX Hong Kong from 9:40 – 10:40am today on the CSS Box Model- both theory and tactical uses, and dissecting some common-but-tricky layout paradigms on the spot. Given the amount of questions I fielded at yesterday afternoon’s session on Flash Video, I’m really looking forward to seeing what challenges the local developers have had with both CSS in general, and Dreamweaver’s handling of it specifically. Although I’m mostly a code-mode kind of guy, it’s been great giving these sessions and diving back into Dreamweaver’s nether regions again. I must admit, the unified CSS panel in DW8 has become rather indispensible for quick iteration of designs without flipping back and forth between my CSS and XHTML pages.

Christian Cantrell and I did more gadget shopping around the Kowloon district yesterday afternoon, and I did a pretty good job resisting random new toys (came really close to getting a Sony M1 hybrid still/video camera at an UNBELIEVABLE price, but the only one left was the weathered display model- darn). Christian picked up not one but two new watches (bringing his total G-Shock count to around 7!), and almost went with me on a group buy of those M1s – again, foiled by the lack of stock behind the counter.

The conference speakers were treated to a dinner yesterday evening that was mind-blowingly fantastic… a 13-course(!!) meal of traditional Chinese dishes that spanned the gamut of regional cuisines with nimble ease. It was so tasty and filling that I’ll be skipping breakfast this morning, thank you very much. ;-) Ben Forta regaled us with stories of yonder days (ah, the early Allaire days really sound like a ton of fun), and everyone seemed to have a blast. Graeme Bull warned me that the air quality wasn’t the best for running, so I’ll have to let him know he was on the mark- went for a jog along the harbor this morning despite his advice and it was much like being back in Hollywood again. (cough)
One thing’s for certain, though- the Hong Kong city lights across the harbor are truly spectacular at night. Lasers, light displays- it’s truly a spectacle you’ll want to check out if you have the opportunity. Amazing. Pictures can be perused here, of course- at least the ones that turned out.

There’s several great sessions I’m going to drop in on later today- particularly Justin Everett-Church’s dissection of his award-winning NYC traffic app, and Paul Lamonby’s session on Flash Lite game development. This evening we’ll be taking a boat out to a traditional Chinese seafood dinner, so I’m prepping up for some photography as well. Should be a blast. But for now- off to the conference floor.

See ya next post…

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