MAX Korea: Morning Key-Notes

After a long day of flights/connections, I’m finally here in Seoul for MAX Korea 2005! Downed a few cups of coffee, then caught the opening address by Macromedia’s Won Jin Lee. Peter Goldie followed up on stage with a preso the Flash Platform- I’m catching up on offline work/preso edits and this ‘blog posting with John Dowdell and Bill Perry on the left side of the room- although I don’t have an active network connection right now I’ll keep adding to this post through the keynote until I can get it submitted to Movable Type.

My reason for being in Korea- I’ll be speaking ~4pm today on Dreamweaver and the CSS Box Model, which also means I’m looking like the only presenter here not speaking about Flash, Flex or mobile devices.A side note- it’s hard not to ignore the amazing mobile devices over here in Korea. Due to the different networks I just don’t see this level of advanced devices in so many people’s hands over in the States – though this is also a VERY tech-savvy audience… ;-)There’s a great little booth on the side of the keynote hall displaying some demo models of upcoming devices- but I must admit my personal favorite is still the iRiver U10 for it’s teeny form factor, great video/multimedia/Flash capabilities, and general coolness factor. Love my PSP and video iPod, but the U10 is easily half the footprint of the smallest of the two (iPod). Awesome.Jeremy Clark was up next during the keynote (historical fact- Jeremy was the Flash Product manager for Flash 5 before leaving and freelancing for a few years, then returning to Macromedia as part of the XD – Experience Design – team), giving an overview of the great work our XD group has been doing over the last year to brainstorm, prototype, and ultimately build some incredibly meaningful user interfaces on a wide variety of Flash-enabled devices. A highlight of his preso was a peek at ‘Apollo’, a prototype of an advanced, integrated desktop/application view (if you were at MAX Anaheim, you’ll certainly remember this demo as it was given by Mike Sundermeyer- though there’s no way I can do it justice in text!).Mark Anders followed up with an overview of the Flex platform, and how Flex 2 has changed both from an application point of view (Flex Builder 2, built on Eclipse) – rapidly developing a composite application on stage for the Korean developers while highlighting the improved workflow in Flex Builder 2. Mark Blair from Macromedia Australia and Christian Cantrell (my developer relations colleague and in-air PSP deathmatch adversary) followed up with more details on the Flex product line as well.We’ll be taking a 20-minute break now and then back for Bill Perry/Akio Tanaka’s presentation on the Flash mobile world (which should be a great one, given the advanced state of the mobile development world over here in Korea), then it’s lunch- followed by an afternoon of sessions. I’ll try to get another wrap-up post in this evening before packing for my flight tomorrow to Hong Kong and MAX Greater China (I’ll be hosting 3 sessions in Hong Kong on Flash Video, Dreamweaver and a reprise of this afternoon’s CSS Box Model session), so keep posted.(Oh- and FYI, I remembered to bring my digital camera to this conference, but forgot the card reader… argh. I’ll post shots from the event later for posterity once I track down someone with a CompactFlash reader… ;-)

3 Responses to MAX Korea: Morning Key-Notes

  1. Korea and China have CSS?! Haha, kidding. :)

  2. Kim,Jae-Chul says:

    What is kidding?

  3. You bet they do! It was a pretty full session, and despite my non-mastery of the Korean language it seemed to go over really well. ;-)Jae-Chul: kidding means joking with someone, FYI.Now in Hong Kong (need sleep, though), so expect more updates soon…