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Yahoo, TiVo to connect services

By way of CNet News- this interesting pairing of Yahoo and TiVo’s back-end services could prove quite interesting in the months to come. If the recent Yahoo! Maps beta is any early indicator of what’s in store for developers, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a rich set of APIs will made available for this service. (Cause if so- I’ll be mashing this up six ways from Sunday in very short order.)

Macromedia Labs Updates

There’s been a few developments on the Macromedia Labs front this week- first the release of FlexMail, an email client written in Flex 2 and ColdFusion by Ben Forta demonstrating how easy it was to leverage CF’s back-end strengths (CFPOP, CFMAIL) alongside Flex 2’s front-end brawn. Great example app, check it out!

Also, as JD noted earlier, Neil Straghalis on the Macromedia web team just blogged about how the CSS structure for Labs was built out to both leverage the current design but also selectively override the defaults for the Labs ‘de-evolved’ design (which was intended to be a less ‘refined’ version of Macromedia’s core design from the start). An interesting peek into how the CSS development is managed across projects and ‘microsites’ here on the MM web team, you’ll want to check it out.

MM User Groups + Google Maps Mashup

Gus recently whipped up an HTML-based mashup of US-based Macromedia User Group locations with Google Maps to get familiar with the Maps API, which should prove quite handy indeed if you’re looking for a local UG meeting in the continental US. If you’ve got a UG that’s not represented, drop a comment in his weblog post, as he’s been really responsive to feedback of the sort. Enjoy!