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Holiday Notes

As many staffers have noted before me, the Adobe offices are going to be closed up next week- and I’ll be starting my vacation this evening- headed up through Tahoe to Reno, sampling the snowfall (or rainfall?) liberally along the way. We’ve got lots of treats coming up next year – for instance, keep your eye on Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Labs in January for some not-so-secret new developments.

On a personal level, John Nack asked some great questions about his weblog’s focus, which I’d like to welcome feedback on here as well. What topics, subjects or articles do YOU want to see on this blog over the next year? Studio tips? State-of-the-industry discussions? More podcasts on subjects of interest? Shoot me your comments, critiques and thoughts- and I’ll get on it. Promise! I’ll always keep posting tidbits of interest as they pop up, but I’m interested in hearing what you’d want to talk about, if given the option. Grab the mic! ;-)

All that being said- have a great holiday season, no matter how you choose to celebrate it!


Internet Explorer Mac – the final days

Well, it’s finally becoming official- the Macintosh version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is about to take it’s farewell lap and be retired at long last. As announced back in mid-2004, official support for Mac/IE will end this New Years’ Eve (12/31/05), and the downloads will be removed from Microsoft’s Mactopia site a month later, on January 31st, 2006. The recommendation from Microsoft to current Mac IE users is to migrate to either the convenient built-in Apple web browser, Safari, or the developers’ darling Firefox (as you can probably guess, I lean toward the latter).

Adobe, Week Two.

Much like Christian before me, I still find it a bit strange to say I’m an Adobe employee, but it’s getting more comfortable as the days progress. I’ve been using Adobe products (Photoshop and After Effects primarily) far longer than I’ve been using Macromedia products, however- so it’s not really that much of a stretch on a personal level. But this week, the second of my ‘official’ Adobe employment, has been a really positive for a number of reasons.

  • We’re really getting back to business this week. Months and months of anticipation led up to the inevitability of last week’s ‘Day One’ activities, largely a difficult one for all concerned- lots of good friends both staying and leaving the new Adobe family, and a lot of uncertainty as the details shook out for all to parse and work through.
  • The cone of silence between MM and Adobe employees is finally shattered. I’m currently in the Adobe HQ in San Jose meeting tons of new friends and getting my brain saturated with all the possibilities of a combined product line.
  • My role on the Developer Relations team will be moving more towards audio/video production and professionals going forward- a very exciting area for me to get back to, given the industry-leading A/V production software Adobe produces. More details as that shakes out, of course.
  • Macromedia ‘assimilation’ was painless and quick- over the weekend we were handily moved to the Adobe servers (and my personal email address switched to an domain- update your address books now!). Haven’t had that easy of a switch since my mail was all analog. ;-)
  • Communication, communication, communication – I feel as if every step of the acquisition was well-communicated and clearly defined. Kudos to the Adobe integration team(s) who really went the extra mile to make sure we all felt welcome from the first minute.

So… although I would expect the weblogs to be migrating to an address at some point in the near future, things are settling down again pretty quickly. If you’ve written me in the last week or so, I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible but there’s still a lot of logistical stuff to clear up- unsubscribing/resubscribing to mailing lists, updating internal docs and materials, sitting in quite a few ‘get acquainted’ meetings to meet all our new counterparts here in San Jose (and other Adobe offices), and start finding my way around my new (and far larger) employer.

But anyway you slice it, it’s nice to be an Adobe staffer at long last- albeit with a bit of nostalgia for the Macromedia name that’s treated me so well for the last 6 years or so. It’s good to be on board.

Iokio CameraFinder

One of the most popular early RIA examples used in Macromedia demos was the CameraFinder application created by software vendors Iokio– using their FeatureFinder product which helps you to build RIAs quickly and easily. And the CameraFinder demo is still online- you can check it out here, along with more information on FeatureFinder here (should you be a bit more code-averse to approaching projects like this). Good stuff from some early RIA pioneers- check it out!

Gtalkr API

Brian at Solution Watch notes that Gtalkr, a Flash-based front end web application for the popular Google Talk, has an extension API available– also now listed in the API database at ProgrammableWeb. Hacking may commence immediately…

Whoa- just checked the blogroll nad noticed Yahoo! has snagged up, the popular (and my personal favorite) ‘social bookmarking’ service. Now that’s an impressive set of APIs Yahoo has control of now- with Flickr and now under the same roof as their Search and Maps APIs, I can see great things coming from this acquisition for rich media developers and code-based mashup artists alike. And hopefully with the new influx of cash, the annoying server glitches and outages has been plagued with lately will also fade away? (hint, hint… ;-)

Studio Upgrade Pricing Changes

FYI- if you’ve been holding off to upgrade to Studio 8, now would be the time, as the introductory/promotional upgrade pricing will expire shortly. More details from our Studio team follows:

For those who may have missed this information due to the acquisition completion, we wanted to make sure our customers know about some changes in the upgrade pricing and policies for Studio 8.

Effective December 31, 2005, there will be pricing increases and policy changes for certain customers regarding Studio 8 upgrades. We encourage anyone thinking of purchasing Studio 8 upgrade to review the information below and take advantage of the existing pricing before December 31, 2005. After this date, adjusted pricing for upgrading to Studio 8 will be as follows:

  • Any past commercial Studio customer can upgrade to Studio 8 for $399.
  • Any past commercial customer who own both Dreamweaver (any version) and Flash (any version excluding Flash Basic) can upgrade to Studio 8 for $399.
  • Any past commercial Dreamweaver customer can purchase the Studio 8 upgrade for $799.
  • Any past commercial Flash customer (excluding Flash Basic) can purchase the Studio 8 upgrade for $599.
  • Any past commercial Fireworks or FreeHand customer wishing purchase Studio 8 upgrade cannot do so, and must purchase a full new Studio 8 license at $999.

Pricing for brand new product licenses or point product upgrades will not be changing. Full details can be found at

If you haven’t upgraded to Studio 8 yet, now is a great time to take advantage of the current pricing before it ends December 31, 2005. Buy the upgrade at or at your preferred reseller (

Pandora, your Flash-based jukebox

I’ve been listening to Pandora a lot lately- it’s a really cool front-end to the Music Genome Project, letting you choose a favorite artist or song, and then letting Pandora create a custom ‘station’ for you- streaming the music down to your browser/Flash Player. Nice way to explore musicspace on your own terms- check it out!