Holiday Notes

As many staffers have noted before me, the Adobe offices are going to be closed up next week- and I’ll be starting my vacation this evening- headed up through Tahoe to Reno, sampling the snowfall (or rainfall?) liberally along the way. We’ve got lots of treats coming up next year – for instance, keep your eye on Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Labs in January for some not-so-secret new developments.

On a personal level, John Nack asked some great questions about his weblog’s focus, which I’d like to welcome feedback on here as well. What topics, subjects or articles do YOU want to see on this blog over the next year? Studio tips? State-of-the-industry discussions? More podcasts on subjects of interest? Shoot me your comments, critiques and thoughts- and I’ll get on it. Promise! I’ll always keep posting tidbits of interest as they pop up, but I’m interested in hearing what you’d want to talk about, if given the option. Grab the mic! ;-)

All that being said- have a great holiday season, no matter how you choose to celebrate it!


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