Internet Explorer Mac – the final days

Well, it’s finally becoming official- the Macintosh version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is about to take it’s farewell lap and be retired at long last. As announced back in mid-2004, official support for Mac/IE will end this New Years’ Eve (12/31/05), and the downloads will be removed from Microsoft’s Mactopia site a month later, on January 31st, 2006. The recommendation from Microsoft to current Mac IE users is to migrate to either the convenient built-in Apple web browser, Safari, or the developers’ darling Firefox (as you can probably guess, I lean toward the latter).

2 Responses to Internet Explorer Mac – the final days

  1. John Dowdell says:

    I guess this means that those old debates about whether Microsoft would _fully_ port its ActiveX architecture to non-Windows platforms are moot now, huh…? ;-)(mBed was one of the few to implement ActiveX Controls on Mac for use in IE/Mac… at one time this was a real hot topic, when Microsoft-centric technology was promised as eventually becoming platform-neutral….)

  2. lol- indeed! I was always skeptical about ActiveX/Mac being anything other than a token effort, but honestly I saw IE support sticking around as long as they were revving the Office suite. Glad I didn’t bet on that! One thing’s for sure- debugging CSS layouts will become a tad less painful going forward from here.