Iokio CameraFinder

One of the most popular early RIA examples used in Macromedia demos was the CameraFinder application created by software vendors Iokio– using their FeatureFinder product which helps you to build RIAs quickly and easily. And the CameraFinder demo is still online- you can check it out here, along with more information on FeatureFinder here (should you be a bit more code-averse to approaching projects like this). Good stuff from some early RIA pioneers- check it out!

11 Responses to Iokio CameraFinder

  1. Adam says:

    …and the camera app is still the ‘inspiration’ for many current projects …

  2. Classic! Thanks for the link, Adam- that’s a good one. :)

  3. JabbyPanda says:

    I agree, this pioneer RIA had inspired even people in Macromedia’s XD team who had released Flex 2 Store sample application.

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks! I’ve learned something new!

  5. Susan says:

    Great stuff! Creating SWF getting easier!

  6. Date Heure says:

    FeatureFinder has some excellent potential for creating offline mashups a la Google Maps API + [whatever you like]. It takes much of the hassle out of simple mapping work – not least finding basemaps which are easy and free to use.

  7. Adrian Munn says:

    I must say that Prismix gave us a lot of inspiration on RIA considering it was those guys that brought the Iokia Camera Finder to the market in the first place. I have seen many a copy of this application They were the true Pioneers and new how to create good intuitive interfaces. It is sad that Prismix never really got the acclaim for the application.

  8. Steve says:

    Acclaim is indeed due for a strong implementation given a clear vision of an application.But the true credit for CameraFinder goes to the Iokio vision itself, without which CameraFinder would never have existed: Flash-based interactive product visualisation using query devices.

  9. John Smart says:

    Common – you don’t think Iokio invented “interactive product visualisation using query devices.” – people did that at University of Maryland a decade ago or similar. Iokio are a bunch of copycats.

  10. People have been doing ‘visualization with query devices’ offline and online for a long time. Doing it in Flash, however- well, that was a far smaller (if not non-existant at the time) crowd. I think both Prismix and Iokio get a tip of the hat for some vision here.

  11. Liam Bennett says:

    As an addendum to this post, you may be interested to learn that Iokio won the Internet World “Innovator of the Year” award 2006 for its FeatureFinder application.