Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater Available

Attention, Dreamweaver-wranglers- you can download the Dreamweaver 8.0.1 updater for Mac and Windows ASAP from the Dreamweaver Support Center, which addresses many reported issues with the 8.0 release:

Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater

Formerly code-named ‘Utah’ (for those of you who track such things), the DW 8.0.1 updater is currently available for English versions of Dreamweaver 8 (localized updaters expected soon- keep an eye/bookmark on the Support Center page above for news on these builds as they become available)- you’ll also want to read through the Release Notes before updating, as well as the full list of resolved issues in 8.0.1 to get the scoop on what’s new in this dot release.

2 Responses to Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater Available

  1. Sean Sloan says:

    Help! I’m having a totally bizarre problem in Dreamweaver. I change the color palette in my Property Inspector to Grayscale last week and I can NOT get it to change back for the life of me! When I click on the color palette in the PI the flyout menu appears and then when I go to click on it the color cube display disappears and the fly out menu just hangs there in space until I hit a command period when then gives me the ability to move around in DW once again. I’m hoping you can forward this on to someone who might be able to help me. Thanks, sean@seansloan.com

  2. Hi, Sean-Very strange- I haven’t been able to reproduce this myself, but if you’re still having this problem I’d strongly recommend contacting tech support directly at the following URL:Macromedia Technical Support – Dreamweaver