You’d have to be sleeping under a rock to not catch the release of the Adobe Lightroom Public Beta on Adobe Labs (formerly Macromedia Labs) today- it certainly made the rounds today, both on the MacWorld conference homepage as well as a wanton Slashdotting this afternoon. Although I’m a bit remiss in not posting sooner, it’s been fun to watch all the discussions around Lightroom pop up today across the etner.

I’m personally excited to see Lightroom get out to the world, as not only is it an application I’ve been using with much excitement for a few weeks now in my own photographic excursions, but two old MetaCreations colleagues (George Jardine and Phil Clevenger) are part of my newly-extended Adobe family, on the Lightroom product team. If you were familiar with the otherwordly MetaCreations product interfaces, Phil performed much of the heavy lifting involved with visual front-ends such as Bryce, Soap and Kai’s Power Tools. George Jardine (now the pro photography evangelist at Adobe) worked for a short period with the MetaCreations Painter team back in ’99 as well, so for me the post-acquisition period is like being beamed back to my old mothership, honestly. ;-)

So, if you’ve got a digital camera- particularly a RAW-savvy digital SLR, get cracking on the Lightroom Beta download and let us know what you think! There are online forums specifically for your Lightroom feedback, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do with this new ‘gem in the not-so-rough’.


4 Responses to Lightroom

  1. John Waller says:

    Perhaps you should mention that it’s Mac OSX only at the moment.According to the FAQ, the schedule for the Windows version seems to be aligned with the proposed availability of Vista.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mention the system requirements (as the ‘official’ references I’m pointing at all do), but for the record, yes- this is indeed a Macintosh-only release.

  3. philc says:

    Hey Scott – glad you like it – it’s just the beginning (isn’t that always the case?) – let’s get together soon :)Phil

  4. Hey, Phil- long time no see!Great job on the UI, of course- look forward to catching up soon. :)-S