viliv P1 Personal Media Player

Nice! The viliv P1 PMP has a new site up where you can check out the specs and more screenshots (thanks to Scott Janousek for the link). Claiming to be the first PMP supporting Flash (wasn’t that title claimed by the iRiver U10, which also supports Flash Lite 1.1 SWFs?), the viliv P1 has a much more PSP-esque form factor and display (480×272 resolution- which theoretically should have more detail/clarity than the PSP for flash-media based video files).

Further, the P1’s 20/30 GB drive options (and CompactFlash slot) offer far more storage capacity and potential than the PSP at it’s best (1 GB and 2 GB Memory Sticks being the current max for PSPs, with larger capacities coming soon), and a click-wheel interface more in line with the video iPods. 5.1 surround support is a nice touch too, for those times when you need the larger-screen experience. The P1 will support MPEG 1 L2, MPEG 2, OGG, MP3, WMA AC3 and AAC audio/video file formats. On first glance, this could be a deal-breaker for me, as there doesn’t appear to be MPEG-4 support (which is the current ‘common’ codec I’m using to move vids between my PSP and video iPod).

Although it’ll be hard to beat the gaming experience of the PSP with the Flash Lite 1.1 spec (despite my fondness for it), the added flexibility and ease of development will undoubtedly make gaming content much easier to generate (and re-generate from existing Flash content/games/etc), so this could end up being a non-issue.

All in all, a very nice PMP device- although there’s precious little information up on development specs/Flash support specifics on the site (paging Bill Perry?), the P1 could become a serious contender for my pocket space in short order. Has anyone picked one of these up (prototype or not) and tried it in meatspace? If so, please drop some comments in below- I’m very interested in this device as yet another ‘crossover’ PMP for my arsenal!

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  1. John says:

    Scott Janousek has updated his article about viliv and you can get information at the which is preparing to open their estore in March 1st. In addition, I saw that the viliv P1 supports MPEG4 for video codec.

  2. Awesome- thanks for the ping, John!(great to hear that MP4 is indeed supported- that would have been a serious misstep by viliv in my opinion…)

  3. Paul_in_Maryland says:

    This morning, I ordered a Viliv P1 for my 15-year-old daughter. According to the specs, the P1 will not play .AVI video files! That means that after transferring her digicam’s movies to the Viliv via an XD-to-CF adapter, my daughter won’t be able to view her movies until she gets home and views them on a PC.Is there any other premium portable media player that can’t play .AVI files?

  4. AVI is more a wrapper format, Paul- so it really depends on what codecs (audio/video) were used to compress it. I’ve played an AVI encoded using MP4 video/MP3 audio on a PSP, but I’ve also usually created that original AVI so know exactly how it was put together.Most PMPs I know of today support MP4 as the most common format, so at least for me- a transcoding utility like PSPWare or ffmpeg is mandatory to have on hand to transcode your videos into a portable-savvy format (depending on your portable, of course). Hope this helps out…

  5. Paul_in_Maryland says:

    Scott,My Fuji F10 encodes its AVI files in Motion JPEG. I’ll let you all know whether it can be viewed on the P1 without conversion.

  6. Thanks, Paul!I’d love to get some real-world feedback on the P1’s video handling, since I’ve been doing work for the iRiver U10 the last few weeks I haven’t had a chance to pick a P1 up just yet.

  7. Paul_in_Maryland says:

    Well, my P1 arrived…and it won’t play AVI files encoded in simple JPEG…at least, not the simple-JPEG AVI files from my Fuji F10. Bummer.The P1 plays some AVIs–those encoded with MPEG, I presume. But if you try to play an AVI that it can’t play, the P1 shuts down. This happened even when I selected one or two specific .MPEG files. Perhaps they weren’t really MPEGs.If a file format isn’t supported, it won’t even appear when you display the contents of its parent folder. I thought .WAV audio files were supported, but they don’t appear in their folder list. Nor will .WMV files. (When Viliv listed that WMVs would play “with transcoding,” I wrongly assumed that there’s an onboard transcoder.)I was lucky and received a P1 meant for the Korean market. The official North American P1s won’t have the FM transmitter or wired remote.

  8. jake says:

    I just saw the Viliv P2 on Engadget today, which got me poking around about the P1. Anybody have any clue on what kind of traction this is getting with consumers?It looks nice. Can’t tell from your comments if you’re impressed with it overall.My interest stems from my company’s Lathe(tm) video conversion software. We offer pre-sets for a number of PMP type devices so I try to keep up on which ones are hot. This one doesn’t seem to have quite made it to “hot” yet — but the P2 slated for August looks really nice.Any more thoughts to share on the P1 generally? My experience with all the off brand Asian PMPs is that they are very hit and miss and much more miss than hit.

  9. I haven’t heard tons of rumblings about the P1 in my circles here in San Francisco, for what it’s worth- although it’s been available for a little while now. My experience with both the P1 (minimal) and iRiver devices (particularly the U10) has been spotty at best- very finicky codec support (as Paul notes in the comment above re: the P1, and I can attest to re: the U10), and dubious x-platform support (the U10 doesn’t synch/connect with Macs, for one- a HUGE downfalling for me).My personal call is still a no-brainer (although I was VERY interested in the P1 early on)- I use the PSP for most of my viewing and carry a video iPod for mass storage. A 2GB memory stick carries enough video for most plane trips, and since I carry tv shows/vodcasts/newsreels (i.e. more time-sensitive content than just movie rips) I rarely need to have mass storage on the device as I’m moving new content on (and old content off) on a semi-daily basis. As long as it can connect to one of my laptops (PC or Mac – where I ‘mass store’ my videos anyway), I’m good to go.The P2 looks very interesting, but given it’s a Windows CE 5-based device I have strong doubts the x-platform compatibility will work for me, personally. I’m into ubiquitous use across all my desktop/laptop machines, not locking into a specific platform (but that’s just me).