Lightroom Podcast – Submit your questions

Adobe’s pro photography evangelist (and Lightroom demo meister) George Jardine is currently taking questions through today for a very, very cool new format for his Lightroom podcasts- leave a message with your question to the Lightroom team, and you could end up hearing your answer ‘on the air’! Extracted from George’s forums posting:

Want to have your voice heard? Do you have a burning question on Lightroom that you feel everyone must hear the answer to? Here’s an opportunity to have your question heard, and answered by members of the Adobe Lightroom development team. I’m going to be creating a series of sort of voicemail-bag podcasts to bring answers to your questions to the public. This first podcast will focus on the raw processing controls in the Develop module, and how they compare with those in ACR. Remember, the more concise and on topic your question is… the more likely it is that we will choose to answer it during the podcast.”

Questions on the Develop module are due by end of day today if you want them answered in this ‘edition’ of the podcast- and you can get all the details in George’s posting in the Adobe Labs Lightroom forums, of course. Great idea!

(Note- comments disabled on this posting, please leave any feedback in the linked forums thread!)

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