Which FLV encoding solution is best?

A question I hear frequently is ‘which codec/encoder should I use for encoding my FLV files, and why?’ Well, I usually just answer ‘use your eyes, they’re always the best judge’. And if you need a great place to do exactly that right now without encoding it all yourself, I’d have to say run- don’t walk- to FlashVideoFAQ.com. Seriously.

Thanks to Elliot Mebane (Roguish) and a whole slew of folks helping him out with content, support and hosting (full credits listed on the site), you can easily compare both the Sorenson and On2VP6 Flash Video codecs as output from three different applications (Flash 8 Encoder, Flix, and Squeeze), across a wide variety of video files/types/styles/etc. As codecs will behave differently based on the video you’re actually encoding, it’s very helpful to be able to compare different types of video along with the codecs used, to get a better idea of how each does it’s ‘squeezing’ and where you’ll get the most mileage. The handy split-pane view and zooming features really let you hone in on what’s happening at a low-level in your frames.

Hats off to Elliot and all his compadres for such a great comparitive resource to have at quick disposal! I’ll be referring to it in my Wednesday Flashforward preso on FLV optimization, so get the jump on it now- if you haven’t already. ;-)

(Personal revelation- I was rather surprised to find, in more cases than I would have guessed, that the Flash 8 encoder actually does a nice relative job- even without 2-pass VBR encoding at it’s disposal. Good news for video freaks on a tight budget!)

4 Responses to Which FLV encoding solution is best?

  1. jeff says:

    i definitely found that when encoding an mpeg2 from a hdd or minidvd handycam that the on2vp6 codec works best, atleast if your uploading videos to youtube.

  2. Final Expense Leads says:

    Things have evolved a bit since this comparison was done. For the embedded landing page video on our new site we’re using Flash 9 encoder as it seems to have the best quality with the smallest practicable file.To respond the previous comment YouTube now accepts full size 640×480 divx files with mp3 audio. As of August’08 this combination produces the best resulting files to my eye. YMMVGood video to ya’

  3. The FlashVideoFAQ.com isn’t working (as of 31-12-2008). They state: “We’re experiencing technical difficulties.If you have trouble viewing the videos, please return in a few days.”.Maybe you have another website which the examples?

  4. I don’t, as you’ll notice this post is almost 3 years old now- occasionally sites I reference come up and down- sorry. I’d recommend checking back in a few days. ;-)