On a day where the local San Francisco weather actually saw snow, I’m quite glad to be in 90+ degree Austin Texas for SXSW 2006. But today was not as much about SXSW as it was setting up for BarCampAustin, my favorite anti-conference, running in parallel Friday night (tonight) through Sunday. Although I’ll be spending most of my time at SXSW, I’ve been spending good chunks of my Friday helping whurley set up for the event at the Thistle Cafe (6th and Lavaca, if you’re in Austin), and expect to be going back and forth between the two quite a bit. Tonight kicks off the BarCampAustin pre-event party/meet-and-greet session, starting at 7pm.

Tomorrow the BarCamp ‘anti-con’ begins, with a wide variety of speakers all day in three(!) ‘zones’ of the club, each of which we’re going to be hooking up tomorrow morning with projector stations, wireless mikes, and (hopefully) Breeze simulcasts of the speakers from each zone. If you’re looking for a party to hit tonight in Austin make sure to swing by the Thistle Cafe after 7pm and say hello, given how much whurley’s Blackberry was ringing today I sense it’s going to come unglued. ;-)

More details and photos from the con(s) as the weekend progresses, of course…

4 Responses to BarCampAustin

  1. Hey man — it’s awesome that you’re helping out with Bar Camp. I’m hoping it’ll be a real success and set the bar (heh) for future camps.Seems like Bar Camp is the ideal application of Breeze, eh? I wonder if we can hook up other Bar Camps with this awesome tool?

  2. Glad to lend a hand to such a great effort, Chris! I know lots of folks who felt left out of the FooCamp (including myself), so am glad to jump in to even the scales where I can. :)

  3. You showed up just in the nic of time to not only help us implement Breeze for each of the three rooms, but to provide some amazing audio expertise and help us get BarCampAustin wired for sound!You were an incredible help, and I just wanted to publicly thank you for the amazing job.-whurley

  4. Aw, you’re too kind, whurley! You had the show running like a fine watch before I even showed up, great event. Just glad I could help out, I’d love to work with y’all again on the BarCamps. :)