Ely Greenfield’s new blog

In the blogrush around the Flex/Ajax Bridge project, the fact that Flex developer Ely Greenfield has just kicked off his new weblog may have slipped past you in the chaos. Ely’s the evil genius behind the Flex/Ajax Bridge, and although he’s threatened to kick off a blog before now focusing on Flex-related topics, today he closed the deal.

So- make sure to check out and bookmark Ely’s blog ‘Quietly Scheming’ (great name!), and don’t forget add it to your favorite clientside aggregator – that is, if you’re not hopelessly addicted to MXNA like all the rest of us blog-trolling saps. ;-)

5 Responses to Ely Greenfield’s new blog

  1. Rafi says:

    Great blog

  2. Shiv Kumar says:

    This is completely unrelated to this post, however, it’s related to Flex Builder 3.0 and I’m desperate to find a solution to my problem.Using FB 3 I’m having issues with Video. Essentially, it seems that Flash and Flex don’t do the same things when it comes to full screen video.1. When going to full screen on a dual monitor setup, the video shows on the wrong monitor.2. The “Press Escape to exit Full Screen Mode” message scales by as much as the video needs to scale to fit the screen, this causes out users to think the video is pixelated and thus think the quality of our videos is inferior. I’ve tried all the tricks I could find to ensure that the player will use hardware scaling (defining a rect etc.).These two issues are causing us to loose customers and I’d appreciate it tremendously if someone could help. I’ve posted on the Adobe Newgroups, but as is usual, one never gets a reply.Thanks.Shiv.

  3. Sorry, Shiv- I’m not on the Flash Player team, I work more in standards-based development w/Dreamweaver, so am not current with Player-related issues like this to make a suggestion. I’d recommend contacting Flash technical support directly, FYI- the Adobe Newsgroups are peer-to-peer support only, so you’re never guaranteed an ‘official’ response there, sorry.

  4. I picked up Ely Greenfield’s calendar project. I’m incorporating it into a Flex/PHP/MySQL application to show the schedule of events. Question – how do I share the calendar component with the community after I finish the mods and bug kill?Contact me: richardbmiller2@yahoo.com

  5. You may want to ask Ely directly, I can’t speak for him (nor do I work on the Flex team myself). The link to his blog is the real topic of this post, FWIW (http://www.quietlyscheming.com/blog/).