Flashforward 2006 Slides Posted

For those who were interested in a quick post-conference recap, I’ve re-posted the FlashForward 2006 slide deck for my Optimizing Video session, although note these are really just illustrations, pictures and bullet points that serve as a backdrop- the real presentation is what comes between the slides, both on the mike and in After Effects… ;-)


(note: you’ll probably want to hit ‘Pause’ and key through the slides at your own pace- Breeze tends to… well, Breeze thru ’em quite rapidly. I also recommend re-zooming your window to get it at full resolution.)

I’m on tap to present an updated version of this session at TODCon ’06 in May along with another session focusing on the Flash side of the process, so if these slides pique your interest, make sure to show up and witness the full dog-n-pony show live and in person.

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