GoToAndLearn Forums launched

Another link I missed while on the road last week or so- Lee Brimelow’s awesome Flash tutorial site GoToAndLearn() just launched new companion forums for discussion of all the great educational content Lee’s been ripping out. Definitely worth a visit, and if you haven’t had the opportunity of diving into Lee’s site before now, drop everything and click this link now. Seriously. Great stuff.

5 Responses to GoToAndLearn Forums launched

  1. Lee Brimelow says:

    Thanks Scott for spreading the word and it was great meeting you at Flash Forward :-)Lee

  2. Ya, goToAndLearn r0x0rs!

  3. No problem, Lee! Glad to help spread the news where I can- great meeting you the other week as well!I fully agree with Chris in the previous comment – goToAndLearn() pwns hardcore… :D

  4. subodh mody says:

    I am completely new to flash. I downloaded first tutorial. I was truly amazed by the standard. Kind regards to Lee Brimelow and trust you keep adding new tutorials.

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