Headed to SXSW Tomorrow

Can’t wait to get to Austin, Texas tomorrow for South by Southwest Interactive– it’s been YEARS since I’ve hit a SXSW (was a touring musician with a mop of waist-length hair the last time I was at SXSW, in fact). Along with the WaSP task force sessions and Web Awards (in which Adobe’s own Jen Taylor will be presenting the “Best in Show” award, no less!), I’m really looking forward to soaking in the experience, talking to as many people as possible, and hitting as many sessions as I can squeeze into a day without exploding.

If you’re going to be in Austin and want to meet up, either shoot me a message in the SXSW Directory application(for attendees only- requires login) or drop a comment here and I’ll try to meet up with you onsite!
(be sure to include your email address if doing the latter – it won’t be published in the public comments, FYI)

I’m not speaking/presenting this trip (refreshing!), and will probably be hanging out at the lounge/day stage cafe between 3-4pm on both Sunday and Monday for the Studio/Creative Suite presos, FYI (to answer questions/etc.). I’ll have my recording gear on hand, so if you have any particularly pointed questions/comments/suggestions for Adobe – or in general – track me down and get your opinions recorded. I’m all ears.

See you in Austin!

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