Microformats Extension for Dreamweaver

Very cool- the WaSP Dreamweaver Task force has released a beta version of the Microformats Extension for Dreamweaver, currently supporting hCalendar, hCard, rel-license, rel-tag and XFN. Not familiar with microformats? Catch up here.
This is an awesome example of how the WaSP task force not only helps advise and steer our products in the right direction to keep improving standards-compliance and accessibility, but roll up their sleeves and get directly involved. To quote extension developer and WaSP Strategy Lead Drew McLellan:

“Whilst a lot of our effort to date has been to work alongside Macromedia (after all, there is little point us tell you to use standards if the tool makes it hard to do so), there are some things not reasonable to expect the Dreamweaver engineers to tackle right away.

One such example is Microformats. As a rapidly evolving area of development, it makes sense to implement support as an extension rather than wait for another product cycle to come around only to find the state of the art has changed. Extensions are fairly quick to implement and can be easily updated with time.

The DWTF thought it would be good if we produced some basic extensions to help provide support for Microformats in Dreamweaver. A public beta is available today.”

Right on.
You can read more about the Microformat Extensions for Dreamweaver – and download the current beta – from the WaSP website. Make sure to leave feedback and suggestions as you dig into it, of course. Thanks, Drew!

4 Responses to Microformats Extension for Dreamweaver

  1. Rel-tag, hCalendar, and hCard seem very pratical right away. Gimme more! :)

  2. Leo says:

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  3. Ralph emerson says:

    A program could not make any sense out of this content unless it had a standardized way of identifying each piece.

  4. Which is exactly what Microformats do, Ralph- identify each piece of content as discrete pieces of information.