Pimp my TODCon Video Sessions

Indeed- as Jesse notes, I’m going to be speaking at TODCon 2006 in sunny Orlando, Florida this May, on both Optimizing Video for the Web (focusing on the front-end production of video that’s headed towards digital delivery), and Delivering Flash Video (focusing on the latter half of that workflow- all the various ways you can rip up FLV video inside a Flash project). Although both will be based on material I’ve covered in prior presos, outside of the topics I’m considering the details for these ‘open source’- what do you want to hear about under those two ‘bucket topics’? Armed with the knowledge that I’ll be using Flash Pro 8 and After Effects 7 for these sessions, pimp ’em out, folks- I want to make sure and cover the topics you REALLY want to know about.

Expected changes are such, of course- I plan to cover more audio cleanup/processing in my first (Optimizing) session, for example- as well as an extended section on keying (i.e. green/bluescreen removal) to expand on all the questions I got after my FlashForward Seattle preso. But I’ll save any further tweaks/additions for addressing feedback I recieve from you.

Regardless of my presentations, TODCon Orlando should be a great conference all the way around- I personally love going to TODCon because the speakers are always top-notch, the setting is far more ‘intimate’ than the bigger conferences, and they always pick a great location year to year. See you there!