Sony Online – new PSP/PS3/Flash 8 sites

Two great new sites for Sony platform-gamers from Sony Online Entertainment/Station launched recently, that PSP freaks and PS3-hopefuls will find very interesting. (Did I mention they both leverage tons of Flash 8-specific features, too?)

First up- Untold Legends – Dark Kingdom, a PS3 game based on the popular Untold Legends series (I really enjoyed the PSP-based title, Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade and am looking forward to ripping into it’s sequel). Real-world physics are a big part of the game – and the website – this should be a really fun one.

Next, the Gods and Heros: Rome Rising website- an online RPG based in the world and mythos of ancient Rome, designed by Stieg Hedlund (lead designer of Diablo II, a personal fave), and co-published between Sony and Perpetual Entertainment. Although I usually avoid MMORPGs simply due to the amount of time they consume (can you say time sponge?), this looks like a really well-done game. I’ve heard really good things about the innovative combat system and squad-based development in the game, and must admit their teaser site (linked earlier) has me pretty curious.

Check ’em out!

(Sorry, folks- comments closed. Getting too many random questions for PSP tech support on this one, apologies.)

10 Responses to Sony Online – new PSP/PS3/Flash 8 sites

  1. Ritarmo says:

    So does this mean that PlayStation 3 and PSP have Flash 8 support?I thought the latest version of the SDK was Flash 7! If not, then why did Adobe refuse to deliver anything newer than Flash 7 to Nintendo and Opera for the Wii browser?

  2. Hi there-No, this post simply means the websites built to showcase those new games used Flash 8. I’ve not played either game, nor does gameplay of either use Flash, of course.I can’t speak for either the PS3 or Wii’s Flash implemention as I don’t own either and have never even seen the browsing experience – sorry. The PSP’s Flash support is built around Flash Player 7, largely due to the memory profile required on that device, which is much smaller in FP7 than 8 or 9.

  3. tom says:

    nearly 2 years later and ps3 browser has improved a lot….but not enough.

  4. chad kleinschmidt says:

    where can you get flash player 9 through psp’s internet browser? i have tried using my psp’s internet but i can’t find a website to download flash player. Is it even possible to upgrade psp flash player using its internet browser?

  5. suffyan says:

    where can i download flash player for my psp-2000..i cant play any online video..there’s no setting for flash player on my psp..

  6. Tamra says:

    Im starting to think you cant upgrad flash on the psp

  7. Tamra (and Suffyan)- it’s part of the PSP system updates, if not already installed. You do have to enable it, but unfortunately, no- you can’t update Flash on a PSP independently of Sony’s PSP system updates.

  8. Tamra says:

    ohh well thanks

  9. elizabeth says:

    how do i get flash player for my ps3

  10. Scott Fegette says:

    The PS3 should already have Flash Player, Elizabeth- but due to Sony’s browser implementation I don’t believe you can update it manually, only through a PS3 software update. You’ll need to ask Sony for specifics on which version of the Flash Player they’re using by default and how/when they plan to update it- they distribute all software for their system, including the Player. Here’s one of several threads on this subject at, FWIW: from that, I’m afraid I can’t help much. HTH, however!