Sony Online – new PSP/PS3/Flash 8 sites

Two great new sites for Sony platform-gamers from Sony Online Entertainment/Station launched recently, that PSP freaks and PS3-hopefuls will find very interesting. (Did I mention they both leverage tons of Flash 8-specific features, too?)

First up- Untold Legends – Dark Kingdom, a PS3 game based on the popular Untold Legends series (I really enjoyed the PSP-based title, Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade and am looking forward to ripping into it’s sequel). Real-world physics are a big part of the game – and the website – this should be a really fun one.

Next, the Gods and Heros: Rome Rising website- an online RPG based in the world and mythos of ancient Rome, designed by Stieg Hedlund (lead designer of Diablo II, a personal fave), and co-published between Sony and Perpetual Entertainment. Although I usually avoid MMORPGs simply due to the amount of time they consume (can you say time sponge?), this looks like a really well-done game. I’ve heard really good things about the innovative combat system and squad-based development in the game, and must admit their teaser site (linked earlier) has me pretty curious.

Check ’em out!

(Sorry, folks- comments closed. Getting too many random questions for PSP tech support on this one, apologies.)