SXSW Day 2/3 Update

So much going on here at the Austin convention center it’s hard to keep up- so I didn’t (heh). Instead, I figured I’d post my personal highlights over the last 2 days, give or take.

Sunday, 3/12/06

  • Tagging 2.0 – a great discussion with some fantastic panelists including Thomas Vander Wal (who coined the term ‘folksonomy’). I’ve given my perspectives before on this subject here, so won’t rehash em in this post. Although it was a very captive audience (relatively no one in the room viewed tagging as a short-term trend), but the question of how tagging process and relevancy could be better enabled in systems came up numerous times- something that both interests me from a consistency perspective and scares me on a heuristical/algorithmical perspective. A head-scratcher I’ll be mulling on for some time, actually. It was nice to hear some pushback on the questionable value of tag clouds (outside nice visuals), a visual representation I’ve never been overly fond of.
  • Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke ( keynote- enjoyable and entertaining session, but I must admit I’m getting a bit bored with the ‘blog as industry’ syndrome of late. Inspirational bloggers/writers, both- but with all due respect to their situations and skill, I came away feeling like perhaps the blogging ‘revolution’ may have jumped the shark this year (given other panels that day sporting fluffy titles such as ‘Bloggers in Love’ and ‘Revenge of the Blogs’, you’ll hopefully get a more balanced picture of my personal skepticisms here)… ;-)
  • SXSW Web Awards – scored three awards, but Technorati landed the big one (Best of Show). Unfortunately Tantek was out getting his picture taken so someone else accepted that award onstage – did he ever get his gift basket?
  • Got to meet Jason Santa Maria and dole out props (one of my favorite designers of recent years- dig his aesthetics immensely), and take in some great feedback on Photoshop workflow from both Jason and the equally-hypertalented Toni Greaves.

Monday, 3/13/06 (today)

  • Recorded a great interview with Dave Shea (yes, that Dave Shea) that I expect will be podcasted in coming days on the Developer Center (and knowing me, I’ll rss-hijack the MP3 onto my own blog, too)
  • Finally got to meet Robert Scoble in person. Yes, he’s every bit as energetic as you’ve heard – the ‘Scobleizer Bunny’ monicker makes SO MUCH more sense after a meatspace encounter. Great guy.
  • Talked Molly into a tentative interview later in the day – yes, another podcast recording, and sure hope we don’t get ripped in the WaSP meetings this afternoon (I’ll be attending along with Jen Taylor as delegates from Adobe’s web product groups).
  • Spent a lot of time thinking about how we (Adobe) can help out with the BarCamp conferences going forward- I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend over there, and so did most everyone else who attended. Check out the BarCampAustin flickr photostream here for the 411 on what you missed out on.
  • Barbecue at the Iron Works. Egads, the tastiest BBQ I’ve had since I was stranded in Memphis, TN (Memphis’ Rendezvous gets the nod for ribs in that town, but I’m giving the overall edge to the Iron Works).
  • Having a good night’s sleep last night makes all the difference. Today I’m just shaking from the chilly A/C, not caffeine overload. ;-)

More from the show later today, I’ll be hitting the WaSP panel and meeting starting at 3:30 (roughly an hour from now) and it should be a lively discussion on both sessions. Right now I need to find a power outlet in a BIG way- over and out…


4 Responses to SXSW Day 2/3 Update

  1. Hey, Scott! I’ve been following the doings at SXSW at your blogs and other ones. Thanks for posting. :)

  2. AuntiAlias – how the heck have you been… LTNS!Glad to post my brief and oft-scattered ramblings from the show, of course- wish you were here to catch up directly. :D

  3. Ryan Stewart says:

    Thanks for posting this Scott, it’s fun to read for those of us who can’t be there.

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