Active Content – Adobe Updates

As JD noted earlier today, the Adobe Active Content Center updated today with more resources and suggested ‘design-arounds’ for the upcoming MSIE ‘Active Content’ update (expected to roll out to the public on Tuesday, April 11th).

One of the best pages to bookmark is the new ‘Preparing Websites with Active Content for Announced Browser Changes‘ (phew!) article- which does a great job of both summarizing the change and it’s effect on your site(s), and provide some new Javascript ‘design-around’ code samples for addressing this change across larger sites. Although sure, this MSIE update could present some short-term (but mitigatable) headaches for larger sites using Flash, Java, QuickTime and other object/embed/applet tags heavily (i.e. “Active Content”), you’ll find a lot of good resources, links and pointers at the Active Content Developer Center to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

One Response to Active Content – Adobe Updates

  1. And of course I’d be a bit remiss in not noting another highly-popular ‘design-around’ for the MSIE update- Geoff Stearns’ FlashObject. By all means consider FlashObject as well, as you look over the various techniques available to developers for working around this change.