Apple opens up, Microsoft clamps down

Lots of chatter this morning across blogspace on the announcement of Apple’s Boot Camp beta, which will enable dual-booting MacTel machines between OSX and WinXP going forward (sweet!). However, there’s been a bit less chatter about Microsoft’s parallel push in the UK market (noted here on ZDNet UK) to deter PC hardware vendors from selling ‘raw’ systems (i.e. without preinstalled operating systems and software) in an attempt to curb piracy. Interesting contrast, to say the least.

I’ll avoid in-depth opinions, but today’s breaking news sounds like GREAT news for MacTel/Apple customers, business as usual for XP/Vista loyalists, and not-so-pleasant tidings for the Linux faithful- who seem to be the most affected by Microsoft’s antipiracy measures in the UK. Regardless, I sure hope I don’t get visited by the antipiracy police when I slap down the cash for my next Linux hardware upgrade… ;-)

One Response to Apple opens up, Microsoft clamps down

  1. Woody says:

    Now if we can just get them to open up FairPlay.