Brightcove Commercial Preview Launches

My old boss Jeremy Allaire’s new venture, Brightcove, just announced a free commercial preview today (running through August 1st ’06). Brightcove enables easy distribution, browser-based management and monetization of internet-distributed video channels. Final pricing structures for Brightcove’s services will be announced before the end of the commercial preview, but is expected to include free use for ad-supported content (given that you’re accepted into Brightcove’s advertising network model), pay-per-view/rental and unrestricted paid models at final launch. Their Premium service is expected to allow you to sell and manage your own advertising (outside Brightcove’s own ad network) as well, should you choose to manage your own advertising.

Did I mention the Brightcove management console (requires joining the preview program, of course) is a pretty sweet example of Flex in action as well? Well, it is- there you have it. ;-)
Plus, FLV versions 7 and 8 are what Brightcove’s internals require for uploading videos, so I’d consider it a very Flash-savvy service. Kudos!

So- if you’re looking to publish and monetize your video assets in a broadband channel quickly, I’d definitely suggest checking out the FAQ, and getting involved in Brightcove’s preview program. Looks like a lot’s on the horizon at Brightcove- a rather bright future for Jeremy and crew indeed.

One Response to Brightcove Commercial Preview Launches

  1. I’ve totally been waiting for this! Killer.