Flash 8 and Active Content

I’ve heard a lot of questions lately about the Internet Explorer ‘Active Content’ update, from creative Flashers who don’t care to implement the code-based solution suggested at the Adobe Active Content Developer Center in their HTML files, and want to publish directly – with the fix in place – right from Flash 8. Surprise- that’s already an option!
(although the code route is dead easy, should you decide to rethink that decision and give it a shot… ;-)

The Flash (Basic & Pro) 8 Active Content Update was also linked from the Dev Center recently. You can find more information on it in this technote, too. This MXP extension will give you two new HTML templates in the Publish Settings > HTML tab, which will allow you to directly apply the fix to your published SWF/HTML projects. You can find specifics on the process you’ll follow here (and it’ll be very familiar, just two new HTML publish templates and then applying the new ‘Apply Active Content Update’ Command to the publish folder before uploading your files).

So if you’re skeptical of the MSIE update’s effect on your content and equally so of working around it in code, rest easy, download and install this update, and get back to creating those sweet Flash projects.