Sweet Bass tones + Flash Video

I busted up my vintage Octavia stompbox at a recent gig, so was poking around online at the latest & greatest hardware this morning to pick up a replacement. Lo and behold, the new Bass Pod XT Live has an utterly delicious FLV-powered product demo online! Now I’m not one who’s easily marketed to online, but have to admit between their Flash-delivered tone samples they have online and the afore-linked video tour, Line 6 just made a compelling argument for this admittedly analog-heavy bassist to consider adding a digital-heavy Bass Pod XT Live to my main SWR stage rig. The inner skeptic in me will still run down to the Guitar Center to verify it’s structural integrity in person, of course (I can get rather animated onstage)- but I must admit this is one time where a Flash shopping experience just ‘had me at hello’. Simple implementation, but VERY effective. Nice job!