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sIFR 3 Alpha Available

The alpha release of sIFR 3 is now available- adding Flash 8 filter support, support for leading, a new font sizing algorithm – there’s tons of new goodies in v3 worth beating away on. You can read more and download the sIFR 3 alpha at developer Mark Wubben’s site. Don’t forget to subscribe to the sIFR 3 mailing list to share war stories, cool projects and bugs, of course.

(Thanks to Stephanie for raising the alarm!)

iPod + Nike + Flash = A Runner’s Dream

Nike and Apple have apparently teamed up on Nike+, a hardware/software solution for Nike footwear and the iPod nano that lets you both record and sync your workout data to a Flash application on the Nike+ website (and of course, your local computer).

By way of a small sensor placed in your Nike+ shoe and an equally-small reciever that clicks into the dock connector of your iPod Nano, you can track your distance/speed/calories, compare it with your history as well as that of other runners worldwide, get real-time voice feedback during your run, challenge other runners to a ‘virtual, online race’, and subscribe to custom workout mixes and podcasts- among other cool features.

I’m normally a pretty cynical guy in regards to workout gear (my philosophy: the simpler the solution, the better), but this is quite eyebrow-raising for the tech-geek side of me. Since I’m in the market for some new running shoes, I may have to pimp up my Nano in short order. Imagine if they could have also squeezed in a heart-rate monitor… nice. ;-)

(Nice use of Flash video on the site too, FYI.)

After Effects and Flash recap

Kim Cavanaugh just posted a great summary of Tom Green’s Flash and After Effects session, during which I tag-teamed with Tom pretty heavily on a whole slew of points. We may have to do this again at future conferences, as between the two of us I think we covered a LOT of ground in both applications- and got a lot of people thinking about how they can use After Effects to spice up their Flash (and Flash video) projects. I always say- Flash and After Effects are like peanut butter and chocolate to me. Two great apps on their own merit- but combined… tasty and delicious. House-rockin’ fun.

(Kim, major props for all your note-taking… ;-)

Shaving with Flash Video

Philips/Norelco has a HILARIOUS Flash video piece up for their new ‘Bodygroom’ razor at– one of the funniest spots I’ve seen in a LONG time, and well put together. It’s work-safe, but just barely- strongly recommended for your Sunday surfing, unless you’re easily offended by not-so-subtle innuendo… ;-)

Dig it!

TODCon – Last Day in Orlando

What a great conference- small and close-knit, you get as much from the attendees here in Orlando as you do from the sessions. I spoke today on Delivering Flash Video, the sequel to yesterday’s ‘Producing Video for the Web‘ session (thx for the recap, Kim!) which focused on best practices for video production in (non-linear editor of choice) and After Effects. Today I concentrated on the Flash Pro end of the workflow, bringing produced, final video files into the Flash environment via various encoding options and then going nuclear with interactivity: cue point-driven navigation and subtitling/localization systems, transparency tricks, and dynamically ‘injecting’ ads into your video streams. As always, I ran about 15 minutes over… I have serious issues with getting everything I want to talk about shoved into a fixed-time session. ;-)

I’ve got a recording of the birds-of-a-feather session Paul Gubbay and I held yesterday morning as a keynote of sorts, and have been transcribing it into notes this morning. It’s fascinating to see what people bring to the conversation when you completely open the floor to questions.

Now admittedly I haven’t been blogging this con much, but it’s partially due to the fact that broadband in my room isn’t working (dammit!) and my between-session time is consumed with hallway conversations. Kim Cavanaugh has been posting some great coverage from the show, however. Vicki Berry has been the main Flickr photojournalist at TODCon, too.

I’m tag-teaming with CMX and Humber College prankster Tom Green on another video session at 2pm EST (completely unscripted- it should be …ahem … interesting?), and then dashing for my flight. One thing’s for certain- this weekend has FLOWN by. Great time.

TODCon check-in

Wow- have I really been offline for two days now? It’s defintely because of the conversations here in Orlando, culminating this morning at the Birds of a Feather session that Paul Gubbay (director of engineering for Dreamweaver) and I held this morning to field any and all questions from the crowd. Despite the 8:30am start time (5:30am for my West Coast internal clock!), the room was filled up and lively. We got lots of great questions and feedback on a variety of subjects from Spry to Breeze licensing and hosting to Dreamweaver’s development process, and I expect it’ll take a little while for me to transcribe all the points from the recording I’ve made.

More later after my video session today, which is part one of a two-part series I’ll conclude tomorrow. As with many of the other attendees dragging this morning from a LONG night of socializing and ‘community building’, right now I need a BIG cup of coffee.

Great conference. Although big events like MAX are great for sensory overload, there’s something to be said for the close, intimate nature of cons like TODCon where you can actually get to know ALL the names and faces in the span of three short days… ;-)

Podcast 02 – Jorge Taylor on the Spry Framework

Just posted a 16-minute conversation with Jorge Taylor, who drops the skinny on the Spry Framework for Ajax, a designer-friendly framework the Dreamweaver team just released on Adobe Labs for community feedback. Why Spry? Tune in and get the inside scoop via either podcasted RSS/MP3 (just add my RSS 2 feed to your pod-catching application of choice), or in browser via the embedded Flash Odeo player below.

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Comments or suggestion for followup/subsequent podcast conversations? Bang ’em out below.

Odeo releases new Flash embedded players

Ev notes that Odeo just launched a few new designs of their embedded Flash players, allowing you to embed Odeo-syndicated content in your blog/site/etc. Cool! I have nothing against the pink/blue color theme of the Odeo site, but the flat-black player is welcome for the conflicting color schemes on my own site(s)… ;-)