iPod + Nike + Flash = A Runner’s Dream

Nike and Apple have apparently teamed up on Nike+, a hardware/software solution for Nike footwear and the iPod nano that lets you both record and sync your workout data to a Flash application on the Nike+ website (and of course, your local computer).

By way of a small sensor placed in your Nike+ shoe and an equally-small reciever that clicks into the dock connector of your iPod Nano, you can track your distance/speed/calories, compare it with your history as well as that of other runners worldwide, get real-time voice feedback during your run, challenge other runners to a ‘virtual, online race’, and subscribe to custom workout mixes and podcasts- among other cool features.

I’m normally a pretty cynical guy in regards to workout gear (my philosophy: the simpler the solution, the better), but this is quite eyebrow-raising for the tech-geek side of me. Since I’m in the market for some new running shoes, I may have to pimp up my Nano in short order. Imagine if they could have also squeezed in a heart-rate monitor… nice. ;-)

(Nice use of Flash video on the site too, FYI.)