Podcast 02 – Jorge Taylor on the Spry Framework

Just posted a 16-minute conversation with Jorge Taylor, who drops the skinny on the Spry Framework for Ajax, a designer-friendly framework the Dreamweaver team just released on Adobe Labs for community feedback. Why Spry? Tune in and get the inside scoop via either podcasted RSS/MP3 (just add my RSS 2 feed to your pod-catching application of choice), or in browser via the embedded Flash Odeo player below.

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Comments or suggestion for followup/subsequent podcast conversations? Bang ’em out below.

6 Responses to Podcast 02 – Jorge Taylor on the Spry Framework

  1. Greg Hamer says:

    Scott,A thank you to you and to Jorge for the podcast! I am very excited about Spry. It is going to take me a while to internalize it all, but please just keep it coming!Best regards,g

  2. John Farrar says:

    1. Will Spry be easily customized… things like building our own extensions, esp. custom validation and formating for example!2. Will this be deeper to include stuff like this for ColdFusion 8? (heh… this would bode well dealing with things like Atlas!)Thanks.

  3. Hi, John- to address your questions:1) Yes and no- we’re first trying to get feedback to make a 1.0 release that would best cover developer (and designer) needs – so the best immediate way to make sure your opinions and suggestions are heard is to jump in at Adobe Labs (labs.adobe.com), download and start playing with the framework as a whole, and then frequent the Spry alpha forums so you can directly participate in the discussion.2) Various product teams are definitely looking at Spry and how it can/would be used in relation to our products (obviously Dreamweaver is an immediate fit), but nothing’s really written in stone yet. The whole point of the public alpha was to start the discussion on how Spry could be used and leveraged, so make sure and beat the framework around a bit and tell us what you think (and how you’d like to see it integrated into our products – like CF8 among others)… ;-)HTH!2)

  4. David Lewis says:

    Scott and Jorge:Thanks so much for the podcast, it cut through a lot of the haze around AJAX and clarified how SPRY is going to fit into my workflow. I’m your target customer; I have a background in video and motion graphics (Bob Donlon and I used to work together) and I now work in DW 8 and handcode CSS with a splash of JavascriptI’ve been falling asleep reading one JS, AJAX and PHP book after another so I’m looking forward to downloading and playing with SPRY. I’ll never be a hard core coder/developer, so a designer-friendly tool integrated with Flash and DW to enhance dynamic content for the user would be a big win for me.Thanks also for all the tips on your blog, Scott. It’s a great reference source.

  5. Phillip Senn says:

    Scott,If you’re podcasting, I’d like to subscribe. But I can’t tell how.I was able to subscribe to your blog via IE7, but I can’t subscribe to your podcast via iTunes.

  6. Hi, Phillip!I’m not really ‘actively’ podcasting (more a ‘when the mood strikes’ event for me, honestly), but do expect to do more in the future, particularly around product releases/etc.You can use this RSS feed in iTunes to manually subscribe, BTW:http://odeo.com/channel/88039/rss.xmlHope that helps out a bit?