sIFR 3 Alpha Available

The alpha release of sIFR 3 is now available- adding Flash 8 filter support, support for leading, a new font sizing algorithm – there’s tons of new goodies in v3 worth beating away on. You can read more and download the sIFR 3 alpha at developer Mark Wubben’s site. Don’t forget to subscribe to the sIFR 3 mailing list to share war stories, cool projects and bugs, of course.

(Thanks to Stephanie for raising the alarm!)

2 Responses to sIFR 3 Alpha Available

  1. David Lewis says:

    Scott and Jorge:Thanks so much for the podcast, it cut through a lot of the haze around AJAX and clarified how SPRY is going to fit into my workflow. I’m your target customer; I have a background in video and motion graphics (Bob Donlon and I used to work together) and I now work in DW 8 and handcode CSS with a splash of JavascriptI’ve been falling asleep reading one JS, AJAX and PHP book after another so I’m looking forward to downloading and playing with SPRY. I’ll never be a hard core coder/developer, so a designer-friendly tool integrated with Flash and DW to enhance dynamic content for the user would be a big win for me.Thanks also for all the tips on your blog, Scott. It’s a great reference source.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the good words, David! Glad to hear the talk helped out for you- Spry is definitely up your alley, given your background and experience. :)