TODCon – Last Day in Orlando

What a great conference- small and close-knit, you get as much from the attendees here in Orlando as you do from the sessions. I spoke today on Delivering Flash Video, the sequel to yesterday’s ‘Producing Video for the Web‘ session (thx for the recap, Kim!) which focused on best practices for video production in (non-linear editor of choice) and After Effects. Today I concentrated on the Flash Pro end of the workflow, bringing produced, final video files into the Flash environment via various encoding options and then going nuclear with interactivity: cue point-driven navigation and subtitling/localization systems, transparency tricks, and dynamically ‘injecting’ ads into your video streams. As always, I ran about 15 minutes over… I have serious issues with getting everything I want to talk about shoved into a fixed-time session. ;-)

I’ve got a recording of the birds-of-a-feather session Paul Gubbay and I held yesterday morning as a keynote of sorts, and have been transcribing it into notes this morning. It’s fascinating to see what people bring to the conversation when you completely open the floor to questions.

Now admittedly I haven’t been blogging this con much, but it’s partially due to the fact that broadband in my room isn’t working (dammit!) and my between-session time is consumed with hallway conversations. Kim Cavanaugh has been posting some great coverage from the show, however. Vicki Berry has been the main Flickr photojournalist at TODCon, too.

I’m tag-teaming with CMX and Humber College prankster Tom Green on another video session at 2pm EST (completely unscripted- it should be …ahem … interesting?), and then dashing for my flight. One thing’s for certain- this weekend has FLOWN by. Great time.

2 Responses to TODCon – Last Day in Orlando

  1. Randy says:

    I was over in the jumpstart sessions today so I missed your video stuff this morning. Are you going to post some recaps and maybe presentation files online somewhere? Enjoyed your sessions yesterday as well.

  2. Hey, Randy- you can check out the presentation file (at least the one from Saturday) here: version of the preso, but mostly the same slides.)Alas the Sunday session is live-only, the projects I was showing there are part of some internal work here so I can’t distribute the code/projects directly (but if you have any questions, shoot away!). Hope this helps out!