TODCon check-in

Wow- have I really been offline for two days now? It’s defintely because of the conversations here in Orlando, culminating this morning at the Birds of a Feather session that Paul Gubbay (director of engineering for Dreamweaver) and I held this morning to field any and all questions from the crowd. Despite the 8:30am start time (5:30am for my West Coast internal clock!), the room was filled up and lively. We got lots of great questions and feedback on a variety of subjects from Spry to Breeze licensing and hosting to Dreamweaver’s development process, and I expect it’ll take a little while for me to transcribe all the points from the recording I’ve made.

More later after my video session today, which is part one of a two-part series I’ll conclude tomorrow. As with many of the other attendees dragging this morning from a LONG night of socializing and ‘community building’, right now I need a BIG cup of coffee.

Great conference. Although big events like MAX are great for sensory overload, there’s something to be said for the close, intimate nature of cons like TODCon where you can actually get to know ALL the names and faces in the span of three short days… ;-)

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