3D Flash Menu Hotness

A quickie for today- this being one very slick 3D-space menu implemented in Flash, the inbound link courtesy of Jacob at Sony Online Entertainment. Very sweet.

19 Responses to 3D Flash Menu Hotness

  1. Stacy Young says:

    Link no workie. :(

  2. Try again (both links worked for me just now), the site may be getting pounded w/traffic or something. It’s worth the effort, really. :)

  3. Mike says:

    Not working for me either… and I’m dying to see it!

  4. Some guy says:

    Yep… Error 404… S.O.B.

  5. David says:

    …404….(and it’s not in 3D either!)

  6. Weird- still getting it just fine here…

  7. seraphim says:

    It worked for me, although I didn’t like it very much. I mean, I could never make something like that–but it distracted me from his actual work.

  8. johnG says:

    How come nobody is liking that site? I think it is genius. The only reason it is distracting is because you are going to the site just to look at the site. If you were referred to the site to look at gallery pic number 3, you’d be able to find it in a heartbeat, unlike any other site, where you’d have to sort through different links and menus just to get to the gallery page.Props to the creator of this site. Now I want to learn how to do it.

  9. I think it was really just one person (seraphim) who didn’t like it (most of the other comments are more issues with site access), I’m taking the relative silence on other points as signs that perhaps it is being recieved well… ;-)(totally agree, I’d love to see the AS/FLA for that one and dig into how it was done! amazing job.)

  10. I agree that it’s a bit difficult to navigate at times, but once you get a hang of it, it has great style. My team and I were wondering how on earth it was pulled off. I’m guessing a bit of the bitmap class for the blurs plus a lot of math for coords/scale?

  11. That’s my guess too (looking at the DoF blurs in particular), but I haven’t been able to dig up details. Great work, though!

  12. George Milas says:

    What r u talking about guys? R u nuts? This menu its if not the best, one of the best i ever saw! The way he playing with the focus and the blur and the rotation is genius! Dont judge it as an accessible way of getting somewhere but as a different perspective in the menus means. I find it totally awesome and incredibly inspiring!

  13. Coldlizard says:

    There’s a similar effect on http://www.cloudmenu.com/ – except it lets you XML-configure your own menu. It has a similar rotation/alpha/blur style.

  14. Thanks, coldlizard- that’s a great link!A homage, perhaps? ;-)

  15. Ryan says:

    Cool menu, any chance you can post the fla?

  16. I’d love to see the FLA/source too, if possible… :)

  17. Math says:

    WOW can you send me your code source of this menu please

  18. Sorry, Math- it’s not my menu, I just referred to it.Try asking the owner of the site I linked to?

  19. Math says:

    Of course, I’m also ready to buy it if it’s not too expensive.