Flash 9/AS 3 Preview Live on Labs

That’s right- the preview release of Flash Professional 9 (with Actionscript 3 support) is live on Labs. If you’re a Flash 8 loyalist who’s been keeping a distant eye on Flex 2 (formerly in beta, but which just released officially today) to see how Actionscript 3 develops, now you can start tweaking with it in Flash, too.

The Flash Professional 9 Actionscript 3 Preview release will be the only preview release before the final version ships in ’07, but it’s well worth the download if you’ve been itching to get started with AS3 (and the also-newly-released Flash Player 9). In this release you can set publish targets for AS3/Player 9, as well as assign a class to the master Timeline. There are more cool AS3-specific features planned for the final release, but you’ll just have to wait for those surprises, sorry. ;-)

If you haven’t started downloading the preview release yet… what are you waiting for?