Flash 9/AS 3 Preview Live on Labs

That’s right- the preview release of Flash Professional 9 (with Actionscript 3 support) is live on Labs. If you’re a Flash 8 loyalist who’s been keeping a distant eye on Flex 2 (formerly in beta, but which just released officially today) to see how Actionscript 3 develops, now you can start tweaking with it in Flash, too.

The Flash Professional 9 Actionscript 3 Preview release will be the only preview release before the final version ships in ’07, but it’s well worth the download if you’ve been itching to get started with AS3 (and the also-newly-released Flash Player 9). In this release you can set publish targets for AS3/Player 9, as well as assign a class to the master Timeline. There are more cool AS3-specific features planned for the final release, but you’ll just have to wait for those surprises, sorry. ;-)

If you haven’t started downloading the preview release yet… what are you waiting for?

8 Responses to Flash 9/AS 3 Preview Live on Labs

  1. Ben says:

    Suppose you don’t have a place a person could get a little advice on trouble running the Flash 9 Preview do you? I don’t see a forum set up for this yet.

  2. Jack says:

    This is so cool, thanks for the head up!

  3. Ben- keep posted, I believe there will be a forum up for feedback/bug reports/etc within a few days. I’ll post again when it’s ready!Jack- glad to hear you’re enjoying the preview!

  4. russ says:

    I know this isn’t the correct place for this, but I’m frustrated and can’t find it.I’m an old DOS user, and as a consequence, I use key shortcuts (not shortcut keys). It’s just as easy for me to press Alt-F-S to save as it is for me to press CTRL-S.Many Windows based programs use those key shortcuts, with most programs allowing customizing them.The Fireworks 8 File menu was designed by someone who has never used key shortcuts. There is a conflict in trying to use Alt-F-A for File Save As because both Scan and Save As use “a” as the controlling key.Is there a way to program the file menu? I’d like to disable the key shortcut for Scan, so when I type Alt-F-A it performs Save As.Any help here would be greatly appreciated.Russrussk@rkendal.com

  5. Hey, Russ-Interesting terminology conflict as well.AFAIK there is no way to change the key shortcuts (although the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts…’ dialogue does allow you to edit the CTRL/ALT key combos, not the DOS-style key shortcuts) directly, but I’ll pass this on to the Fireworks team as a feature request for ya?

  6. Don Anderson says:

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  7. Ahh geez, now I gotta spend some time to play with this. How will I ever get work done? :)

  8. We do aim to steal your spare cycles with Labs, that’s for sure… ;-)(enjoy!)