Ted vs. SEO – Flex Templating (FXT)

Ted Patrick’s FXT (Flex Templating) post and sample code also addresses common RIA concerns such as back-button support, RESTful URLs, it’s a very flexible way to allow the HTML container of a Flex app to provide the data model for the Flex 2 SWF-based view/controller in a way that allows spiders to easily crawl and index the content – one of the most common complaints I hear about Flex/Flash applications today. Chafic feels that this could be a step towards Flex replacing HTML – and I’d have to agree that although that may be quite a while off, FXT is definitely a HUGE step moving Flex apps in the right direction. Ted gave me a quick laptop demo of FXT yesterday while we were both down in the San Jose offices, and I’ve been hard-pressed to get it off my mind ever since. I’m really glad Ted announced FXT today, so I can purge my driving need to talk about it postehaste. :)

If you haven’t checked out FXT yet, definitely visit Ted’s blog, download/check out the source and give it a spin. This could have you thinking entirely differently about Flex applications as replacements or even adjuncts to your current content models. Very cool stuff!

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