Adobe acquires InterAKT

If you were sleeping last night instead of coding, you may have missed hearing that Adobe just acquired Romanian development firm InterAKT, most widely known for their very popular Dreamweaver extensions such as MX Kollection, KTML and PHAKT. You can read the public FAQ on the acquisition here, and some personal thoughts on it from InterAKT’s founders Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa as well.

Now of course, whenever an acquisition like this occurs, there are inevitably questions raised outside the public FAQ– so I’d like to briefly touch on a couple of potential questions that could be springing to mind right now.

– Is Adobe planning to develop commercial Dreamweaver extensions now?No. Adobe’s not planning to enter the Dreamweaver extension market with this acquisition. That’s a key area for third party Dreamweaver developers and the plan is to keep it that way. If anything, the DW team would like to try and improve the ecosystem for our commercial Dreamweaver extension developers going forward. The former InterAKT team will be working on various projects and products here within Adobe once the dust has settled, not focused on Dreamweaver specifically- let alone on building entirely new commercial extensions for Dreamweaver. But InterAKT does produce commercial DW extensions, so…– What’s going to happen to the current InterAKT products?That’s a complex question that relates to not just InterAKT’s commercial extensions, but also their open-source and free extensions, so involves multiple answers. You can get more details on the InterAKT product plans here in the FAQ, and what you can expect in the future regarding your particular InterAKT product(s) of interest.– Why did Adobe acquire InterAKT?Adobe’s been planning an Eastern European development office for some time, and the acquisition of InterAKT not only made geographic sense, but includes with it a great group of highly talented development and QE engineers. Did I mention that they already had a lot of expertise with the former Macromedia products? Great way to get a new development center up and running quickly. :)– I’m going to miss the ‘small company’ spirit of InterAKT!Sure, I can understand completely. That’s always a concern when acquisitions occur – I regularly heard the same thing about the possibility of losing that ‘small-company feel’ at Macromedia before we were acquired by Adobe less than a year ago – but in retrospect, the integration went pretty smoothly and we weren’t just ‘assimilated into the machine’ so to speak, and would expect the same with InterAKT. Let us know if you feel things are going in the other direction, though.Now that the cone of legal silence is lifted, I’d like to officially welcome the InterAKT team to the big red Adobe mothership- we’ve long been travelling buddies (Alexandru and Bogdan being mainstays on the same conference/speaking circuits I also frequent) – our relationship may a bit more formal now, but hopefully no less interesting? :)Of course, if you have any other questions relating to this news that aren’t covered by the press release and FAQ linked above, by all means post a comment and I’ll try to keep everyone informed as things progress over here.