Adobe acquires InterAKT

If you were sleeping last night instead of coding, you may have missed hearing that Adobe just acquired Romanian development firm InterAKT, most widely known for their very popular Dreamweaver extensions such as MX Kollection, KTML and PHAKT. You can read the public FAQ on the acquisition here, and some personal thoughts on it from InterAKT’s founders Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa as well.

Now of course, whenever an acquisition like this occurs, there are inevitably questions raised outside the public FAQ– so I’d like to briefly touch on a couple of potential questions that could be springing to mind right now.

– Is Adobe planning to develop commercial Dreamweaver extensions now?No. Adobe’s not planning to enter the Dreamweaver extension market with this acquisition. That’s a key area for third party Dreamweaver developers and the plan is to keep it that way. If anything, the DW team would like to try and improve the ecosystem for our commercial Dreamweaver extension developers going forward. The former InterAKT team will be working on various projects and products here within Adobe once the dust has settled, not focused on Dreamweaver specifically- let alone on building entirely new commercial extensions for Dreamweaver. But InterAKT does produce commercial DW extensions, so…– What’s going to happen to the current InterAKT products?That’s a complex question that relates to not just InterAKT’s commercial extensions, but also their open-source and free extensions, so involves multiple answers. You can get more details on the InterAKT product plans here in the FAQ, and what you can expect in the future regarding your particular InterAKT product(s) of interest.– Why did Adobe acquire InterAKT?Adobe’s been planning an Eastern European development office for some time, and the acquisition of InterAKT not only made geographic sense, but includes with it a great group of highly talented development and QE engineers. Did I mention that they already had a lot of expertise with the former Macromedia products? Great way to get a new development center up and running quickly. :)– I’m going to miss the ‘small company’ spirit of InterAKT!Sure, I can understand completely. That’s always a concern when acquisitions occur – I regularly heard the same thing about the possibility of losing that ‘small-company feel’ at Macromedia before we were acquired by Adobe less than a year ago – but in retrospect, the integration went pretty smoothly and we weren’t just ‘assimilated into the machine’ so to speak, and would expect the same with InterAKT. Let us know if you feel things are going in the other direction, though.Now that the cone of legal silence is lifted, I’d like to officially welcome the InterAKT team to the big red Adobe mothership- we’ve long been travelling buddies (Alexandru and Bogdan being mainstays on the same conference/speaking circuits I also frequent) – our relationship may a bit more formal now, but hopefully no less interesting? :)Of course, if you have any other questions relating to this news that aren’t covered by the press release and FAQ linked above, by all means post a comment and I’ll try to keep everyone informed as things progress over here.

18 Responses to Adobe acquires InterAKT

  1. Jesse says:

    Hopefully not too formal… why go to MAX ;)

  2. Nancy says:

    This will be good for server behaviors which are behind in the last two versions .. as long as it’s not PHP only. :)Hope it goes well.Nancy

  3. John Skidgel says:

    I always wanted this to happen! Congratulations to Alexandru, Bogdan, and crew and Adobe.

  4. was wondering when they would be borged in. Kewl. I’m not a heavy user of their tools, not a DW guy, but the InterAKT team has by far been the most energetic team at MAX hands down IMHO.good job to the romanian camp.DK

  5. Bill says:

    Congrats to everyone at Interakt. The years have been fantastic and I hope that won’t change.CheersBill

  6. Katsuey says:

    Of course it’s good for the Interakt team, but very disappointing to those of us waiting for the CF versions of MXKart and MXShop and also frustrating to own all these discountinued products.

  7. wayne schaaf says:

    I’ve been waiting for the .asp version of the security features that were included in the Kollection Pro – but only in php versions.What’s the likelihood that the security features be developed for .asp in the near future?I have spammers attaching two of my client sites and the security features are really needed a.s.a.p. Otherwise, are there other options out there that include the Capcha feature?

  8. Hi, all- a few comments:Bill: myself as well. I like to think that even though Adobe has gotten larger, that the cultures of ‘acquired’ companies have lived on, just in a larger sense… :)Katsuey: Understood, and I realize this can be frustrating (having been either acquired or on the ‘acquiring side’ at least 6-7 times in my career). Although development may not continue on the InterAKT extensions/products, that makes them no less relevant (and they won’t stop working!).And there’s always the outside chance that you may actually like some of the stuff the former InterAKT team starts working on here, too? ;-)Wayne: Honestly, I don’t see expansion/new development on the extensions going forward, outside of perhaps compatibility issues with future versions of DW. There are a few options for Captchas in ASP already, though: sure if any of these fit the need you’re looking for (and they certainly aren’t as integrated w/Dreamweaver as the InterAKT extensions, admittedly), but hope they’re of help?

  9. John Ashton says:

    Hearty Congrats to Alexandru and everyone at InterAkt. Where would we be today without Phakt ??I for one will greatly miss the great products and the best support team on the planet.

  10. Scott Lillig says:

    Bravo! Smart move Adobe. That team has talent.From a loyal Dreamweaver junkie and Interakt fan.

  11. Gary says:

    Adobe should start answering the questions that many Interakt users have posted on their forum. For example, Interakt/Adobe introduces an Ajax Toolbox to their customers and then in a space of 2 to 3 weeks they discontinue the product. People do not lay out more then $300.00 on a product to have it killed. This take-over seems to have been done with little concern given to Interakt’s present customers. As well, there is little to no information on Adobe’s site about the acquisition, which really makes Interakt’s customers fear that Adobe’s motivation is to simply absorb Interakt and forget about the Interakt’s customers which help to make the product as good as it was.

  12. Neil Eisenberg says:

    I fell really good for the folks at Interakt. they are an amazing company, and deserve this bit of good fortune, but for developers like me who relied on these extensions to enhance the capabilities of DW, we are left pretty high and dry. I spent over a month on the beta team for their Ajax Toolkit, and during that time spent around $1000 on every extension they made….only to find out now that they wont be around to provide upgrades etc.In fact, the last upgrade I installed 2 weeks ago caused all of my other extensions to want to be upgraded, and now I have a half upgraded set of everything.I really dont understand how Adobe can say they support third party companies who develop extensions, and then put the number one company doing this out of commission. Good for Adobe, good for Interakt, bad for me.

  13. Sean says:

    I have to agree with many others. Although it is every small business’ dream, to be purchased by a big machine – it leaves the users in a bind. We have supported the products in buying them – and helped develop from the beta team.Ajax is a serious “new” touch on web development. The best product in years is just reaching prime time – costs $300.00, and is DROPPED in less than a month? THIS STINKS, especially for us who purchased a product that WILL NO BE FINE TUNED!Congrats to Interakt, as I said earlier – this is every small business’ dream. BUT – I sure wish you’d have given us all some warning. There is no reason for the abrupt end of the services and products. I can’t even download the latest updates to my $1K+ worth of product!!!ADOBE – I hope you realize that in “the almighty quest for marketplace in eastern europe” will cost you dearly on the homefront. WHY did Interakt have to STOP DEAD on there products and services. That is nothing more than a heavy hand from an monopoly company! Rot in Hell!

  14. Hello Scott,it’s quite astounding that Adobe has not made any public announcement on the acquisition. Furthermore, I find it relatively disturbing to read in your response to Katsuey’s remarks that “Although development may not continue on the InterAKT extensions/products …And there’s always the outside chance that you may actually like some of the stuff the former InterAKT team starts working on here, too? ;-)”Doesn’t that mean that chances are extremely low that any of the InterAKT products (including the new ‘Kollection’) will be developed further, and Adobe Romania is now starting to develop other things? Of course, they’ll work on other enhancements for the Dreamweaver and Flex products, but it still seems that any former Interakt customer has to live with the fact that we’re pretty much stuck on the latest releases with any uncertainties the upcoming Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and whatever the next Dreamweaver update may bring along (most of us remember painfully well how most extensions failed to work properly when the 8.0.2 updater came out and Interakt had to work day and night for two weeks to get things going again)?The Interakt products ARE much more than just a few javascript and server-side lines of code, and to those who rely on them, there is a large degree of uncertainty. I think it’s part of Adobe’s responsibility in making that acquisition to clarify what plans they have with the remaining products, so that the loyal Interakt customers can make according choices.I don’t know if you’re involved in the decision making process over in San Jose, but those who are should be aware that there are people out there who feel as victims of the acquisition: a substantial number of Interakt and now Adobe customers. I would appreciate if you brought this to the attention of those responsible.Kind regards,Bernd

  15. Hi, Bernd-Thanks for your comments, I’ll certainly pass them on to the ‘decision makers’ (as you noted).RE:”Doesn’t that mean that chances are extremely low that any of the InterAKT products (including the new ‘Kollection’) will be developed further, and Adobe Romania is now starting to develop other things?”Unfortunately, yes. I don’t think I was trying to sugar-coat that at all. We’ll be continuing to support the products (for the short-term, by the Romanian InterAKT team, and then transition to the Adobe support team), and I’m pretty certain there are plans in place to make sure Kollection works with the next release of Dreamweaver, but beyond that I cannot say (and neither Adobe or Macromedia has the policy of commenting on future releases until they’ve been announced), but doubt there will be strong forward development on the products from here out.I realize this can be disconcerting- as noted, I’ve been on the ‘acquired’ end of deals like this several times myself- with products handled much less gracefully, I might add (discontinued/unsupported *immediately*) – and can certainly understand your frustration. The best I can offer is the information I have, which you now also have. Hope this helps.

  16. wayne schaaf says:

    what happened to support? – I thought that was suppose to continue – I posted a problem on the ist on Sept 13 and still have not received any acknowledgement or any response.

  17. Joshua Cyr says:

    Scott,I would like to directly talk to someone at Adobe regarding the future of KTML editor. Please have someone call or email me. jcyr (at) besavvy.comKTML editor is an integral part of our product and we have spent thousands of dollars on it thus far. It is not being supported, it has bugs that must be fixed and thus far it looks to be a dead product. If we have to change gears I need to know now. If bug fixes and support are coming, I need to know that too.As you probably already know the best supporters of Interakt and its products (the team members, volunteers, etc) are angry and confused. Adobe is looking like the bad guy. Someone from Adobe really should visit the private team interakt thread on the forums at the interakt site and clarify.If the buyout was really to buy talented people to make adobe’s other products better that is fine. Make the products open source and let us do our thing. We just need to know.

  18. Joshua Cyr says:

    Quick clarification. I am not angry at Adobe/Interakt. Business is business. Just need answers. I have bosses/clients hitting me with virtual sticks because of bugs that were due to be fixed months ago, and show no signs of being worked on. I need answers, or need to change to a different product. And KTML was really good and had so much promise for getting better…