FLV Encoding Demystified – New Article

If you’ve been stumped by the Flash 8 Video Encoder’s settings, or wondered why your FLV videos stutter, jump or otherwise choke on a broadband connection, you’ll want to read this article I recently co-wrote with Community MX’s Tom Green – “FLV Data Rate and Bandwidth… Demystified” – which is now up on both the Adobe Design Center, and Community MX.

Both Tom and I have been speaking on Flash, After Effects and FLV fairly regularly this year, and when comparing notes at TODCon ’06 in Orlando earlier this year, were astounded at some of the wild-and-crazy settings people were using to encode their FLVs, and the varying misconceptions as to what the settings actually encompassed. But more concerning was the amount of people who just got frustrated with basic Flash Video because it ‘didn’t just work’ the way they’d expected it to. Well then- this article should answer most of the questions we’ve heard in our respective travels so far, and we both sincerely hope it helps clear things up and get you posting more video on a regular basis.

And of course, if you happen to catch either Tom or I at conferences/speaking gigs and have more questions, don’t be shy- come on up and say hi!

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