New iPod Patent published?

Caught an interesting post at MacNN regarding a ‘multipurpose device’ patent filed by Apple recently, published today by the US Patent and Trade office. Sporting a ‘chameleon’ interface that can easily switch between UI/functionality such as telephony, GPS, gaming, PMP functionality (among many other possibilities), I have to wonder if this is what we’ll hear about during Apple’s rather cloak-and-dagger ‘Showtime’ event planned for September 12th (next Tuesday)? If so, cool! My 5G iPod took a digger on the pavement last month during a run, and has never been the same since, so I’m interested in upgrading at some point soon. If not, this is definitely an interesting patent to read through, and could be a sign of things to come in the not-so-distant future?

One Response to New iPod Patent published?

  1. guzel sozler says:

    Apple’s new toy looks coming ha, good :)I like this techology ;)