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At the Webmaster Jam Session…

It’s morning in Dallas, Texas, and the Webmaster Jam Session will kick off in about an hour with Eric Meyer’s keynote, “A Decade of Style”. I’ll be speaking on Saturday on Adobe’s web software, specifically the Spry framework, Flex 2 (on the Macintosh!), and a quick demo of Apollo, along the lines of what I showed a month or so ago in Tokyo. And of course, doing a whole lot of Q&A, as there’s still a ton of questions in the wake of the Macromedia acquisition that get asked at these events.

The Jam Session really looks to be a great, focused event for web pros- I’m looking forward to hearing Derek Featherstone’s sessions on accessibility- you may come to these events as a speaker, but personally I get even more out of them as an attendee.

Flashforward Austin

It’s morning in Austin, Texas, and the Flashforward keynote will kick off in about 10 minutes. I’m speaking this afternoon on Producing Video for Flash (room J/K, 6th floor), if you’re curious about Flash Video, that room will be a great one to hang out in all day. I’m going to cover a bit more on keying/matte generation this time out, but if you’ve specific questions stop by and drill me during Q&A, OK?

The keynote should be a good one- I know for a fact there’s at least one ‘sneak peek’ planned within, so if you’re blowing it off for coffee runs, I’d reconsider. See ya there!

New iPod Patent published?

Caught an interesting post at MacNN regarding a ‘multipurpose device’ patent filed by Apple recently, published today by the US Patent and Trade office. Sporting a ‘chameleon’ interface that can easily switch between UI/functionality such as telephony, GPS, gaming, PMP functionality (among many other possibilities), I have to wonder if this is what we’ll hear about during Apple’s rather cloak-and-dagger ‘Showtime’ event planned for September 12th (next Tuesday)? If so, cool! My 5G iPod took a digger on the pavement last month during a run, and has never been the same since, so I’m interested in upgrading at some point soon. If not, this is definitely an interesting patent to read through, and could be a sign of things to come in the not-so-distant future?

Adobe acquires InterAKT

If you were sleeping last night instead of coding, you may have missed hearing that Adobe just acquired Romanian development firm InterAKT, most widely known for their very popular Dreamweaver extensions such as MX Kollection, KTML and PHAKT. You can read the public FAQ on the acquisition here, and some personal thoughts on it from InterAKT’s founders Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa as well.

Now of course, whenever an acquisition like this occurs, there are inevitably questions raised outside the public FAQ– so I’d like to briefly touch on a couple of potential questions that could be springing to mind right now.

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