Webmaster Jam Session – Day Two

Web Design Panel

Originally uploaded by Giovanni Gallucci.

Very tired. Must fly home now. Quite content-sated, and smiling wide. Today kicked off with a web design panel fielding questions – hosted by Coffee Cup Software’s CEO Nick Longo, and featuring (l to r) UE expert and Digital Web Magazine founder Nick Finck, myself, Nick Longo, design superhero Andy Budd (who can rock the mike with the best of ’em!), CSS rockstar Eric Meyer, Microsoft’s Chris Wilson, accessibility guru Derek Featherstone and Bryan Veloso, master of all things Photoshop. TheAgencyBlog.com’s Giovanni Gallucci gets the nod for this shot, and you can check out his entire event photostream here, too.

My session was from 2-3 pm, somewhat broadly titled ‘Adobe Product Showcase’, in which I demoed the Spry framework, and a little bit of Flex/Apollo/FAB goodness (note for the curious- if you caught the keynote or Danny/Christian’s Apollo sessions at Flashforward Austin last week, you got a much deeper dive! I just covered the highlights here). Thanks to everyone who attended, and all the great questions during Q&A (as always, I ran about 10 minutes long). I really love speaking at these events, as I always feel like I learn more from the audience than any book, weblog or news source.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Jam Sessions– well worth attending. The sessions were great, the speakers were STELLAR (well, with the possible exception of myself), and the CoffeeCup Software folks did an amazing job of pulling it all together so brilliantly for a v1.0 event. ;-)

5 Responses to Webmaster Jam Session – Day Two

  1. Small correction on the citation for the photo. I do get the nod [thx :-)], however I am not a Coffee Cup employee. I am based out of Dallas and was covering the event for TheAgencyBlog.com and MediaSwamp.com (blog and podcasting network). Great session by the way! Thanks for taking the time to come down and visit Texas!

  2. Nick Longo says:

    Scott- Thanks so much for making this years Webmaster Jam Session a raging success. You and all the speakers were Fantastic. Thanks Giovanni for getting great pics too :)

  3. Thx, Giovanni- I’ve updated the post accordingly (nice shots, by the way)!Nick- it was my pleasure, you really outdid yourself on the Jam Session, can’t wait for the next one(s)! :-)

  4. Andy Budd says:

    Great to meet you at Webmaster Jam. Look forward to catching you at the next event.

  5. Indeed- quite a pleasure to meet you as well, Andy! Hope to catch you in analog fashion again soon.